Yards that Look Great Year Round

The best looking yards have four-season splashes of color. Experienced professionals, such as Utah landscaping companies, understand the importance of adding eye-catching pockets of annuals and perennials to help vary blooming times, ensuring that a yard looks beautiful year-round.

Professionals also understand the biological clocks involved in the plants they select for yards. It’s important to select plants that have different peak and bloom periods, and select plants that have hardy blooms, despite temperatures. Accessing sun exposure, shade, temperatures, soil type and water needs are all necessary to helping create a year-round paradise.

Experts can help determine which areas receive full-sun, partial-sun, partial-shade and full-shade. Perhaps if a yard has shady areas, creating a breathtaking shade garden is best, as this will help plants thrive and grow, ultimately producing pleasing results.

If the soil thick, dense, mucky and nonporous, it likely means it’s clay-based and it retains water well. However, these types of soil require additions to help facilitate proper water drainage, to ensure that plants don’t become waterlogged and die from rot. If the soil is grainy, light and porous, then it is likely too sandy and will require additional topsoil and an addition of a peat moss mixture to help richen the soil so it will retain much-needed nutrients and moisture for the plants.

Selecting different plants that bloom each season and year-round is important. For starters, having a punch of spring color is fun, and some gardeners may suggest adding clusters of bulbs to help accommodate this season. Summer requires spectacular beauty – colorful pops of flowers, green plant foliage and a design that teams with life. Fall brings forth eye-popping rich colors, making a home appear ready for the holidays. Having added greenery and additional color in the winter months turns these dreary, dark days into ones that are blooming with rich winter colors.

Master gardeners, especially Salt Lake Ciky landscaping companies, understand that May is the prime time for annual season, a time when yards can flood with a wide variety of colorful annuals and even the latest trends.

Most plants thrive in the late summer and opting for plants that will rebloom in the fall is a great choice. Some favorites include the Japanese Anemone, which blooms from late July to early October. Another late-summer stunner is Bluebeard, which can range from between 18 inches to 5 feet in height and attracts butterflies for miles.

Fall months define pansies, chrysanthemums, cabbage, kale and montague daisies. Evergreen shrubs and plants dominate winter months, especially hollies that showcase a variety of beautiful red berries.

Early spring sees flowering trees, weeping cherries, daffodil bulbs, tulip bulbs and even witch hazel blooms.

Ensuring that yards are popping with color year-round, Utah yard specialists provide unparalleled consultations and complete gorgeous landscaping renovations that leave homeowners feeling relieved and happy when they return home day after day and year after year.