Water Features to Relax and Beautify Your Space

There’s something about water that can relax, soothe and add beauty to your outdoor space. Whether you choose a bubbling water fountain, a cascading mini Utah waterfall or a peaceful pond, water features have the power to transform your landscape if this is well-planned and well-placed. In addition, water features are also able to attract birds and insects into your garden, further enhancing your landscape.

With great planning and execution, having water features will make your backyard more inviting and can become your place of solace and relaxation. These can also serve as great conversation pieces when you have guests over.

Let’s talk about the different kinds of water features you can choose:

–          Ponds. Ponds can serve as a natural mirror of your garden’s charm. You can consider environmental ponds or koi ponds. Environmental ponds incorporate the presence of plants and fish. Koi ponds are specialized environmental ponds that house koi, Japanese fish that add color and vibrance. You can add a variety of water and floating plants such as lotus, water lilies, water ferns, or duckweed. You can also add in some submerged oxygenators such as Dwarf Sagittaria, Cabomba or Anacharis.

–          Water fountains. This bubbling water feature adds rest and relaxation to your garden. You can make use of downward falls or rising jets. You can also add some elements such as marble or rocks to your water fountain setup. One popular option is to have a ball that can roll on a flowing stream of water, which can be quite delightful to look at. You can also incorporate colored lights to add to the beauty of the fountain.

–          Waterfalls. Waterfalls provide a relaxing atmosphere brought about by the sound and sight of running water. You can choose from a variety of designs. This really depends on your overall plan and design for your space so that there is harmony and balance to the overall look of your landscape. It also depends on the slope and size of your property. Here are some designs you can look into:

  • Modular waterfalls. You can select modular and modern designs made from copper, fiberglass, stainless steel or rock. These modular designs can be artistic element that can add to the visual aesthetics of your garden.
  • Poolside waterfalls. Incorporate waterfalls by your pool. If you want something closer to nature, you can make use of rock outcroppings.
  • Wall-mounted waterfalls. If you have limited space, you can mount the waterfalls to a portion of your wall.
  • In-ground waterfalls. These look more natural and can also be incorporated into a pond. You can also make use of rocks or artificial boulders.

Water Chemistry

Ponds are not simply stagnant bodies of water. For a pond to be an effective water feature, you must ensure that you maintain a healthy water body. This can enable you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy ecosystem – luxurious water plants, the presence of butterflies, dragonflies and other insects and even fish, turtles and frogs.

However, you must note that the presence of fertilizers, rain, soil and fallen leaves can result in an imbalance to the ecosystem, if these are left unchecked. These may cause the explosion of algae, causing your pond or water feature to turn green. To prevent algae buildup, you can add spray jets or waterfalls, water plants and UV light filters.


The placement of the water feature also requires careful consideration. If a small pond is placed under a tree, you may have to deal with fallen leaves. The pond may also damage the roots of trees if these are placed too near the tree.  You should also avoid placing your water feature close to shrubs and high ground coverings that may affect the view.

Water features are ideally placed on a flat area. If this is not readily available, you may need to work on the lot so that a flat area is created. Water features should also be located where they have access to the sun’s rays. Aquatic plants will need considerable exposure to the sun for them to be healthy and bloom.

The Design of the Water Feature

You can opt for a natural shape for your water features or go for more defined geometric shapes. To help you decide, you must consider the overall look and concept. You should consider the types of water plants, the use of statuaries, streams or waterfalls, pumps or spray jets and other materials. The help and advice of an experienced SLC landscaper will ensure that your design choices will not only fit your needs and aesthetics and also ensure that maintenance is not too much of a hassle.

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