Water Features Add Charm and Elegance to Your Landscaped Garden

There’s something about water that is soothing, inspiring and naturally beautifying. It appeals to the senses – the sight of light reflected on the water or of a bubbling fountain, the sounds of water flowing and gushing, the feel of water as you dip your hand in the pond. Water in your landscape can either be still and tranquil or lively and dancing. Water adds that air of elegance when you mix it up with other elements in your landscaped garden.

Incorporating a water feature can create a wonderful setting for each of the four seasons. It also makes your garden the favorite playground of birds and butterflies. These features not only add beauty to your lot, but also increase the overall value of your house and lot. With the help of an expert Utah landscaping company, you can build the water feature you desire.

Your choice of materials will depend on the overall look you want your landscape to have. You can add pots and urns for a classical feel or use steel, copper and chrome for modern appeal, or stones, rocks and boulders for that natural look. The texture and color of these materials will complement any water feature you choose.

Water Elements You Can Incorporate Into Your Garden

Here are some water features you can choose from:

  • Ponds. Ponds can either be fanciful or formal. It can be charmingly framed by a wide choice of plants. Other design elements you can add include a center island, rocks (where birds can perch and rest), platforms and bridges. You can also include koi and other fish. It is particularly relaxing to sit down by your very own pond and watch fish flit about the water lilies. Ponds require regular maintenance such as checking the condition of the water and cleaning the pond up to ensure that there are no unwelcome insects thriving there.
  • Fountains. Water designed to gush in various directions can entertain and enchant. You can add a fountain as a standalone feature or as part of a pond. You can use overflowing pots, statuaries gushing out water or a bubbling boulder. Fountains require very little maintenance, you just need to make sure that the water is not wasted and is properly caught and recycled.
  • Waterfalls. The chatter of flowing water mixed with lights and stone or chrome make fountains a very popular water feature. No matter the size of your space, you can add a waterfall feature and this does not require a large amount of water. Utah waterfalls also require little maintenance.
  • Other water features. These include streams, small basins, birdbaths and pools.

You can opt to combine two water features. For instance, you can add a fountain or waterfalls to your pond to maintain the quality of the water.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering water features for your garden:

  • Work with your Utah landscaper to build a plan. Specialists who have a wide experience in Utah landscaping will study the size and contour of your lot, as well as your aesthetics and budget to create an overall plan. You can also discuss the central theme of the landscape to have a consistent look all throughout.
  • Choose water features with maintenance needs in mind. Different water features require different levels of maintenance. For instance, a pond will require more maintenance, as there is a tendency for the water to stay stagnant. All States Landscaping also provides maintenance services to free you of the headache of keeping your water features in prime condition.
  • Leave the electrical to the professionals. If there is a need to add electrical connections, don’t attempt to DIY it (unless you are an expert yourself). For safety reasons, when water features need electrical connections (for the lighting and water pump), let your chosen Utah landscaping company to do it for you.
  • Work under one theme. When you have decided on the theme, don’t mix landscape elements that deviate from this theme. If you have a classical theme, a modern metallic sculpture will leave a jarring note. If you decide on a laid-back country theme, natural rocks and rustic barrels will fit nicely. However, a statue of a Grecian maiden won’t.
  • Choose your plants wisely. Your Salt Lake City landscaping specialist will give you advice on what plants best suits your selected water feature. For instance, if you have decided on a pool, you will have to consider the depth and surface area. Then, you will have to choose the type of plants that will suit the different depths since various plants will need various water levels. You can add plant marginals, floating plants and plants that let your water “breathe” – oxygenating plants that provides oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide from the water. Your water feature can be effectively frame and become a focal point in your garden with well-chosen water-based and land-based flowers and plants.