Variety of Landscaping Services

All States Landscaping is one of Salt Lake City’s best landscaping companies. Since 1985, All States has been providing quality landscaping services in Salt Lake City, Utah to both commercial and residential clients.  Landscaping can make or break a business or home, if the landscaping is poorly done, not only will it not last, it also reflects poorly on the home or business.

All States Landscaping has an excellent 26 year track record with recognition and membership in the following organizations:

  • Rain Bird: All States Landscaping has earned the title of Select Contractor with Rain Bird, meeting the industry’s highest standards for quality, standards and experience.
  • UAA: Utah Apartment Association promotes professionalism, education, career development, and proactive legislative efforts and All States Landscaping is a proud member.
  • UNLA Utah Green: Utah Nursery and Landscaping Association.

Landscaping your property is not a light decision. Not only is it a time consuming project, it is also a large financial investment in either your home or business and it ought to be done right the first time. Before starting any landscaping project it is important to consider two main issues:

Size of the project: whether you are doing a small project to add on to an existing larger landscape design or doing a new large scale landscaping project, it is important to keep size in mind. Not only the size of the project but also the size of the area you are working with. Trying to fit a water feature, gazebo and small garden in your backyard won’t work if you have a small backyard. Likewise, if you are doing a larger landscaping design but you have stretched the design over a much larger area, your landscaping can become visually lost and not present itself as a comprehensive design.

Difficulty of the project: a smaller project may be a do it yourself type of project, it is important to plan out your project and consider any potential issues that might arise. However much larger projects can contain complicated installations such as Utah retaining walls, water features and decks may require a landscaping service.

With the variety of landscaping that you can have done to your property, it is important to choose a company with a comprehensive list of services and an excellent track record of customer service and quality work. All States Landscaping provides excellent customer service and a wide range of landscaping for Utah clients to choose from, below are several examples of the services provided.

  • Decks & Gazebos: All States Landscaping builds custom outdoor structures that blend in with the landscaping and home. From gazebo’s, decks, shade arbor, pergolas or even a multi-level structure with an outdoor kitchen and all of the indoor amenities.
  • Water Features:  ponds, waterfalls and more complicated features, water features can both compliment a landscape or completely overwhelm it. Water features must be designed with the amount of space kept in mind and during the design process issues of prominence, size (full size or small) and whether or not you want to be able to hear the water feature running.
  • Retaining walls: last but certainly not least is the retaining wall. In the past the retaining wall was used to hold back soil from erosion. Now, they are integral parts of landscaping, helping to reclaim landscaping space in yards with steeply sloped sections as well as creating paths with planted sections. There are several different types of retaining walls and the usage of them depends on the landscaping design, state of the land and what ultimately is the end result.

These are but three of the services that are provided by All States Landscaping. In addition to those mentioned above there is also putting greens, pavers & decorative rocks, decorative concrete, and most importantly maintenance service for each of these. For more information on Salt Lake City best landscaping opportunities, contact All States Landscaping at 800.840.7336 (toll free) for more information on the premier Salt Lack City landscaping company.

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