Utah Rock Landscaping

Rocks can be a great design and aesthetic statement for any yard. They come in a wide range of sizes from pebbles to giant rocks weighing more than 150 pounds. You can also buy them in many different colors including gray, tan, white, brown, green, pink, red, and gold. They also have varied textures, smooth and rough, and differing shapes, such as round, rectangular, or jagged. Rocks can be used in a variety of ways to add an interesting feature to your lawn.

Small rocks can be used as a ground covering in place of grass or mulch. This is a great option for places that are hard to mow, such as small beds near the house or under trees and shrubbery. These rocks are typically sold in bags. They might be all the same type and color of rock or they might be a mixture of shades to add dimension. Because they are small in size, you can usually go for a bolder, more contrasting color to make them stand out more. Popular choices for small rock beds include shades of brown or red. Simply spread the rocks out to fill the area you wish to cover just like mulch and weed to keep unwanted plants from growing in the rock bed.  Buy as many bags as you will need at once so that you can make sure you get the same color or mixture of rocks for the entire area.

Flat rocks are great for making stepping stones or walkways. These paths can create an extension of your driveway, a path through your garden and flowers, or even a sidewalk leading to your door. For a pathway that will be connected to a driveway or other walkways, you may wish to match the color of the rocks to the existing pavement. A gray stone path is very classic and beautiful. If you wish to use the rocks as stepping stones, then you can choose a bolder, contrasting color. A stronger color will help them to stand out more. As with small rocks, make sure you have enough rocks of the same style and color to complete your project before you begin.

Big rocks are perfect for creating walls and borders. Round rocks can be placed side by side to create a border. Jagged and flat rocks can be stacked to create a rock wall. Both the border and rock wall can be used as an edge for a flower bed or terrace. Rocks also look great as an edge around a pond. You can enhance this even more by using the rocks to create a waterfall flowing directly into the pond. To help make the placement of large rocks look more natural, bury the bottom 1/3 below the level of the ground. Because these rocks can be extremely heavy and difficult to move, you need to be sure about what you want to do with them so that you only have to move them once. Garbage bags stuffed with paper can make great approximations so that you can determine the size, shape, and placement of the rocks before you purchase and move them. Because these large rocks make a big statement on their own, you should choose shades that compliment other features in your yard and your house color.

All States Landscaping can help you choose the rock features best for your yard and install them. They can install a retaining wall to create a terrace, rock wall, or to help prevent water runoff. They also offer decorative concrete or pavers for walkways. You can see a selection of the rock colors they have available on their website or request an estimate.