Utah Hardscaping Ideas and Solutions

Hardscaping is any aspect of SLC landscaping that isn’t vegetation. Homes in Southwestern states like Utah can really benefit from hardscaping since it doesn’t require watering to compensate for the excessive heat and dryness of the area. There are many possibilities when planning the hardscaping of any property.

Patios are one of the most common landscaping Salt Lake City, Utah features. They consist of permanent flooring, and can also incorporate many other hardscaping elements.

Cooking areas outdoors are becoming the summertime hub of activity in many homes. Area for preparation, grilling, seating, and even storage can be incorporated into an outdoor kitchen space.

Walkways are essential in maintaining landscaping. They can consist of a variety of materials including Utah pavers, stone, concrete, and tiles. Walkways in unexpected areas can draw focus to otherwise unnoticed features like a forest or side garden.

Driveways are essential on any property in order to store vehicles without damaging the soil or vegetation. Driveways can be made of simple concrete or can incorporate more decorative elements like stone work.

Lattice can be a great way to provide some interest in an area, as well as divide separate areas in a space. The addition of vining plants to a lattice is an attractive way to create some privacy.

Fences are the most complete way to ensure privacy in a backyard oasis or living space. When chosen properly, fences can perfectly complement the surrounding landscaping.

Walls are a great alternative to fences; because they’re made of stone, they are more durable and require less upkeep. Walls can also serve to retain earth in order to turn hills into usable yard space.

Entertainment is the main focus of many backyards, so should be incorporated into any backyard landscaping. Some ideas to consider are a basketball court, giant chessboard, swimming pool, or fishpond.

Coverings for outdoor living spaces are often overlooked, but can be a functional addition to any hardscaping project. They can provide yourself and guests with shade, and even shelter from the rain, depending on the material.

Water features are becoming possible in many families’ budgets with growing technology. Recirculating pumps, rainwater ponds, and seasonal streams are all affordable ways of incorporating a water feature like a Utah waterfall without added water costs or waste.

Every family is different, and will have different requirements of their landscaping. Taking the time to consider every option and the pros and cons is essential. Consulting an experienced professional can also be extremely useful.