Utah 2010 Gardening Schedule

When the weather starts getting warm, it’s time to start thinking about planting a garden. It’s a fun outdoors activity that your whole family can get involved in and will produce great results with a little time and effort. Because plants have different needs to grow and produce fruits at different times, you need to plant them in a certain time frame to give them the best chance for success and make sure they will produce fruit before winter comes. This article will focus on the gardening schedule for Utah for some of the most common garden vegetables.

Every gardener has to grow tomatoes. They’re relatively easy to grow and care for, but have a knack for making anybody feel like they have a green thumb. Tomatoes are planted later in the gardening season, usually between May 1 and June 1. Plant the tomato seeds 3 to 4 inches deep into the soil so the tomatoes can grow good, deep roots. Space your tomato plants 2 to 3 feet apart so you have plenty of room to add tomato cages once the plants are about a foot tall. Tomatoes take about 2 months of growing time before they produce fruit, so you can expect to start having tomatoes in July or August.

If you love eating salads, then you have to plant lettuce in your garden. There are two categories of lettuce – head and leaf. Head lettuce grows in a tight ball, such as iceburg lettuce. Leaf lettuces, like romaine lettuce, grow openly and do not form a head. Both types of lettuce should be planted between March 25 and May 15. Leaf lettuce seeds should be planted only .5 inches deep, but head lettuce seeds need to be planted 2 inches deep. You want 10 inches between head lettuce plants. Leaf lettuce can grow much closer together and only needs about 2 inches of space. Leaf lettuce will be ready to eat in about a month and a half after planting. Head lettuce requires a bit more waiting, but will be ready in about 2 months.

Squash is another gardener’s favorite that is easy to grow and yields a lot of fruit. Squash comes in two varieties – summer and winter. Summer squash should be planted between May 5 and July 1. It will produce fruit in about 50 days. Winter squash has a very short planting time frame and should be planted between May 20 and June 1. Winter squash takes longer to mature than summer squash and should be ready in 3 or 4 months. Both summer and winter squash seeds should be planted 1.5 inches deep and spaced 1.5 feet apart.

Bring some spice to your garden by planting pepper seeds. Pepper plants are slow to grow from seeds and may seem like their growth is stunted or stopped for a while early on, but once they begin to grow they will grow rapidly and produce fruit well. Pepper seeds should be planted between May 20 and June 1. This planting window is less than 2 weeks, so make sure to stay on top of planting your pepper seeds so you don’t miss the time frame. Plant the pepper seeds 3 to 4 inches deep and about 1 to 1.5 feet apart. The peppers should be ready in August.

For more information about the gardening in Utah, you can reference this Utah gardening schedule chart from Catalyst Magazine. This article is brought to you by All States Landscaping – “Creating Unique Outdoor Environments”. All States can help you fertilize your lawn and garden. They also provide many landscaping services to make your yard beautiful.