Tips for Picking a Good Landscape Company

The season is upon us once again, the season of landscaping, Utah yard care and of course lawn maintenance. As time has been moving along many of us have less and less time to dedicate to our lawns. Be it family or work obligations, we just don’t have the time anymore. Instead of neglecting our lawns or just doing enough to get by in terms of mowing and such, it may be time to consider using a Utah landscaping company.

Lawn care companies are much like self storage companies, there is no shortage of them in most areas but the trick is to find the right one for you and that is reputable. Here are a few tips on how to find a good, reputable lawn care company:

1.       Locating service: is generally the easiest and least time consuming of the entire process. You can use either your local phone book or the internet to locate several different companies local to you. From there it is starting the process of calling them and finding out the following information.

2.       Licenses: most states require lawn care companies to be licensed with Department of Agriculture or possibly the state chemist. Once you have asked them if they are licensed make sure to get their information and check them out for yourself. You really don’t want to have an unlicensed business doing lawn care on your property.

3.       Quotes: as you talk to each business, explain to them the size lot you are on, is it a corner lot? Cul de sac? Do you have any special plants, trees that require special attention? All of this information is important for getting an accurate quote for your yard. Make sure to get several quotes, this will let you see what the average rate for lawn care in your area is and it will help you to decide if you are constrained by budget.

4.       Chemicals: what types of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers do they use? Do you have a focus on organic solutions in your house, if so you want to ask each company what types of chemicals they use, organic or traditional. You also want to know what they are using on your lawn so you are better able to protect children and pets, you don’t want either playing in the yard after it has been treated

5.       Associations: find out if they are members of associations such as the Professional Lawn Care Association. This will let you know how involved in the industry they are, if they are current on products and techniques.

6.       References: when talking to the different companies, ask them for references with yards similar to your own. Make sure to follow up with them as well, you will be able to find out how others came to use their service, and how their experience has been so far. This is obviously not necessary if you are using a service that was highly recommended to you by someone you trust.

7.       Written contract: this protects you! A written contract outlining the work that will be done, how much it will cost as well as what the cost of extras will cost. Your contract will also detail whether or not you are on a month to month contract or a seasonal contract.  Additionally you want to make sure the contract outlines insurance coverage for your property and their workers. Your contract should state that they are to maintain their premiums and it is a wise idea to get proof of insurance as well from the company for your own files.

8.       Billing: as mentioned previously, know whether or not you are a seasonal contract or a month to month. This will help you to budget your funds as well as setup a payment schedule with the company.

With this simple list you will be sifting through lawn care companies like a professional! It may seem like a lot to deal with however the time you set aside to contact several companies, get their information and their quotes will end up saving you time, money and hassle down the road.

All States Landscaping is one of the premier Salt Lake City landscaping companies and surrounding areas. With 26 years of service they have been award the Select Contractor from Rain Bird for outstanding quality, service and experience, as well as holding memberships in both the Utah Apartment Association (UAA) and Utah Nursery and Landscape Association. All States Landscaping is a Utah landscaping company based in Draper, UT and can be reached at 800.840.7336 or at their Contact Page.

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