Tips for Maintaining Landscaping

It’s important to know that spending bundles of money on landscapers Utah is useless if the landscaping isn’t maintained afterward. Depending on the features of a landscape, upkeep can require completing many tasks on a regular basis.

Because every property will have differences in soil, sunlight, wind exposure, plant needs, and density of plantings, they will have different watering needs as well. Properly timed irrigation is a great way of ensuring that plants get the water they require. Installing a gray water system can be a simple way of keeping water costs down.

Plants like Utah shrubs and trees will need to be trimmed or pruned regularly. Pruning is essential in maintaining the health of many types of plants and increasing the yield of some fruit and vegetable bearing plants. Other plants must be trimmed to prevent them from overtaking nearby plants. Trimming plants is a delicate process that can just as easily kill a plant as it can help a plant.

One of the most frustrating aspects of landscaping is that in the process of caring for and promoting the growth of desired plants, weeds are also being cared for. While most weeds can be killed with chemicals, the time-honored method of pulling weeds by hand is healthier for the people, animals, and plants on the property. Mulch or weed control fabric can increase the time between weeding.

Pest Control
From microscopic bugs to fat bumble bees, pests are very rarely welcome. Not only do they harm the plants and people that are outside, but pests like spiders often make their way into homes. Good pest control will prevent any harm or discomfort to the homeowners, as well as the landscaping.

Ice & Snow
Snow and ice can be harmful to certain features of landscaping, as well as people using the property. SLC snow removal is essential in order to keep a property safe year round, and in some cases still usable. Many plants simply couldn’t bear an inch or two of snow and would not survive the winter without custom shelter to support the weight of the snow.

Most landscaping designs consist of a mixture of annuals and perennials to lower costs, as well as diversify the landscape’s appearance. A big disadvantage of annuals is that they must be cleared out at the end of every season and replanted at the beginning. Other than that, annuals are an inexpensive way to fill out a landscape until the perennials reach maturity.

Over time, plants use up the nutrients that are in the topsoil, making it unsuitable for sustaining plant life. Many types of plants need to be fertilized regularly in order to prevent premature death. The required fertilizers and the regularity with which they need to be applied, will vary depending on the type of plant, its age, the season, and many other factors.

Not only are there many aspects to maintaining a landscape, but it’s not always clear the timing required for them. It can also be a struggle just to consistently follow through with the upkeep. Salt Lake City landscaping companies can be hired for landscaping maintenance jobs big and small, depending on the needs of the homeowner.