Tips for a Better Lawn

With spring in the air, and summer on its way, more and more people are preparing their lawns to look great for this season. For people who want to beautify their properties, lawn care is an essential part, it’s the first part of the property that anyone sees. Nothing can be more frustrating than having your lawn suffer. Follow these tips to make sure your lawn stays the best it can be.

1. Don’t mow your grass too low: Some people recommend mowing your lawn at your mowers highest setting. You should try and take no more than the top third of the blade off. Having slightly taller grass promotes root development and will make your lawn healthier.

2. Water deeply: The roots of your grass are what depend on the water most. If you only apply shallow amounts of water to your grass, your roots won’t have the chance to absorb the moisture, which can lead to those awful dead spots. Avoid watering during times with direct sunlight, to avoid quick evaporation to your water.

3. Fertilize: Even lawns that have been planted for years still need fertilize. Nutrients are an important part of any plants health, and many people suggest a minimum of two fertilizations a year. If your lawn is young, more than that recommended amount may be necessary to ensure that your lawn stays healthy.

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