Tips for a Beautiful, Stunning Yard

All States Landscaping has a professional, expert Utah landscaping staff that specializes in creating beautiful yards that are inviting and stunning. As a premiere Salt Lake City landscaping company, they offer a variety of Utah yard tips, including:

  • Flowers – There is no better way to greet guests than with mounds of beautiful flowers. Whether an entryway is adorned with perennials or pops of annuals, these are great additions for any yard. Homeowners can consider adding snapdragons, petunias, Gertrude Jekyl and Lily-of-the-Nile. Additionally, by adding a fence, it gives the illusion that small front yards are larger, making them appear further from the curb.
  • Vines – Planting vines on trellises or fences afford additional privacy, but add beautiful eye-catching greenery and blooms. Whether it’s planting clematises, hops or ivy, some of the prettiest blooms are white, pink, purple, red or blue.
  • Driveway Dress Up – Some driveways are unattractive, but by carefully situating plants and landscape materials, a driveway can easily be disguised. Blending a variety of heights, textures and colors can make any area attractive.
  • Lilies – Lilies love humid, hot summers, don’t require an abundance of fertilizer and feature stunning aromatics. Lilies come in a wide range of bloomers, including those that dominate spring, summer or fall.
  • Deer Proofing – Having a deer-proof garden can help yards avoid dramatic deer damage during the spring and summer months. Butterfly weed, butterfly bushes, globe thistles and cornflowers are excellent deer resistant landscaping plants.
  • Height – By adding a variety of heights to current landscape themes, it creates a vast sea of color and texture. Whether it’s incorporating elevated baskets or planters, adding height to a garden adds instant eye-appeal.
  • Blooming Shrubs – Blooming Utah shrubs are simply stunning, adding instant pops of colors to any landscaping design. Popular shrub additions include fluffy Chinese snowballs and hydrangeas.
  • Outdoor Structures – Adding plants of varying heights and textures can easily camouflage garages, outdoor workspaces and sheds. Whether it’s adding fiberglass planters in front of these unsightly areas or even incorporating plants into the roofline, these can easily appear as an outdoor oasis at first glance.
  • Surprises – Incorporating touches of surprise and whimsy to any yard are especially attractive. Consider adding meandering trails, streams, vistas or even hidden rooms to large outdoor areas.
  • Year-Round – By planting a variety of plants that offer year-round pops of colors, yards can look good not only in the summer months but also the winter months. For example, adding daffodils or wisteria in the spring, give way to hydrangeas and zinnias in the summer, which in turn highlight fall’s sugar maples and hollies and then winter’s amaryllis and crocuses.