Tips on Taking Care of your Lawn

All States Landscaping has been helping Utah homeowners with their landscaping and maintenance issues since 1985. They serve the entire Utah Salt Lake Valley area providing exceptional lawn maintenance service at affordable prices. They also install and maintain sprinkler systems.

At All States Landscaping, you can get the all the lawn maintenance services you need. From weekly maintenance to a complete makeover on your landscaping, you can count on All States Landscaping to give you expert Utah lawn care, friendly services and low prices.

One of the main areas that Utah homeowners struggle with is taking care of the grass. There are many schools of thought concerning how often to mow and water. Many homeowners believe it’s important to mow weekly and water twice a week during the hot summer months.

There’s no hard and fast answer to this question. The correct answer depends upon a variety of factors:

  • Climate in region where you live
  • Type of grass
  • Season of the year

For those homeowners who aren’t sure or perhaps just don’t have the time necessary, All States Landscaping offers a full range of lawn care services. They are experts at knowing when to water and how often to mow and fertilize your lawn.

They can also spot potential problems right away and get them under control before they become a huge, expensive issue. For instance, many homeowners don’t know what to do when they begin to see yellow patches on their lawn. Yellow patches of grass can be caused by several different things.

One of the most common reasons for yellow patches of grass is either overwatering or under-watering. Another common cause is cutting the grass too short. In some cases, there is a nitrogen deficiency and the lawn will need special fertilization.

At times, the tips of your grass will become yellow due to a lawn fungus. This is not expensive to cure but can be a headache. The only way to diagnose lawn fungus is to take a sample to your local extension office.

The experts at All States Landscaping know all about keeping your lawn green. They can quickly diagnose problems and treat them and you as the homeowner won’t even know you had a problem.

All States Landscaping takes the worry and hard work out of owning a beautiful, healthy Utah lawn. They also install decorative rock and pavers in driveways or patio areas.

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