Thinking about Building a Deck, Gazebo or other Outdoor Structure?

If you’ve been planning to add on a deck, pergola, or gazebo to your Utah yard this spring, you may already know you have many options in style and design to choose from. Here are some things to think about to help you solidify what you are looking for.

First, consider the purpose of your outdoor structure. Do you want an open area for large family or social gatherings, or do you dream of a lovely, quiet, private place that still allows you to enjoy the outdoors? Maybe you’d like a garden structure on which trailing vines can grow around intricate latticework. Alternatively, maybe a simple patio that is like an extension of a family room or kitchen will do the trick.

The other factor to consider is structure. If you want a deck, do you envision something relatively high with a set of steps, or low down to the ground? Should it wrap around your house, or do you want a neat little porch limited to a specific area? For a gazebo, do you want it square-shaped or pentagon-shaped, open sides, or sides with rails, elevated with steps, or floorless and directly on the ground? What kind and style of roofing?

In terms of materials – texture, visual appeal, function and how the ground feels underfoot all play an important part. Wood is a traditional material, but you will find there are plenty of options with stone, metal, and even vinyl.

All States Landscaping will gladly assist you in custom designing an outdoor structure that meets your needs and tastes and which complements your home and Utah yard. We have the expertise to work with a variety of ideas, including complex, multilevel structures installed with indoor amenities and luxury conveniences. For other Utah landscaping needs, All States has provided over 20 years of dedicated service beautifying and improving the homes of Utahns.