The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Tips to remember when creating the perfect outdoor space

1. Decide what size, shape and layout that will work best for you. The area should be a natural extension of the house. The space also needs to be designed with good workspace to create a breathtaking and functional outdoor kitchen.

2. The material used is very important. You need a counter that can stand up to the weather. Granite and poured concrete work best. High quality materials ensure that your outdoor kitchen will stand the test of time.

3. Outdoor Appliances. Figure out what you want and need. A built in Grill, a storage draw, sink refrigerator. The options for your outdoor kitchen are seemingly endless. Things that previously would never be considered to be an outside appliance are now becoming standard.

4. Consider an overhead structure such as a pergola, they offer an open roof and customization. This will give you some share and really pull the area together. Make your outdoor area seem more like indoors.