The Elements of a Landscaping Quote

Even a quote from your Utah best landscaping company can give sticker shock if you don’t know what goes into the costing. Remember, landscapers are professionals who have spend time and effort building up expertise and experience in the subject. The difference that the landscaper’s services can provide may be seen in:

–  Cost savings. Utah landscapers know what plants best suit your landscape, considering the quality of the soil, the lot’s exposure to the sun and the characteristics of the plants themselves. This knowledge will prevent the risk of buying the wrong type of plants. This can very well offset the landscaper’s fee.

–  Availability of equipment. Landscapers have specialized equipment that won’t be practical for you to get and maintain.

–  Knowledge about all things related to landscaping. You can also do some reading and try to do the landscape project yourself. However, nothing beats the wealth of knowledge gained by practical experience. There are many things you can easily overlook, only to discover these when it’s too late.

–  Knowledge on the best suppliers in the area. Since plants and landscape accessories are his specialty, landscapers already have a strong working relationship with key suppliers and will know which suppliers can provide what you need.

So, how do SLC landscapers determine fees and charges? What items are charged?

Meetings and consultations. The landscaper will usually take a look at your lot and provide you with suggestions and recommendations about the project. More often than not, landscapers have had experiences would-be clients who simply asked for ideas but are actually planning to have someone else do the project for a cheaper price. Thus, depending on the landscape company, meetings you schedule may be billed accordingly.

Landscape design. After seeing your lot and talking to you about what kind of landscape you want, the landscaper should put these into paper and present you with the suggested design. Landscapers also welcome your input and can work closely with you in completing the design. The advantage with landscapers is that they are already experienced in thinking about the plan in a 3-dimensional level, considering how high and wide each plant can grow, what Utah waterfalls or other water features, patios, pavers or retaining walls to add to complete the picturesque picture that is your future landscape. Landscapers also come equipped with planning and designing software that can help you visualize the look of your landscape once it is finished.

Selection of plants and decorative elements. Landscapers can be of great assistance in ensuring that the selected plants are the right fit for your soil conditions, design theme and resources. They can even consider your lifestyle and the amount of work you’re willing to do on a regularly basis to maintain the landscape.

Plant installation.  The landscaper will install the plants so that they will flourish. This includes knowing just how deep to plant and how much fertilizer and pesticides are necessary.

Hardscaping and other construction activities. Aside from erecting Utah retaining walls (which needs a deep understanding of structures and the lay of the land), the landscaper will make use of his equipment to perform excavations or earthmoving activities, as well as tiling, laying out of paver and brickwork.

Project management. The landscaper is there to make sure that the project is done according to specifications and closely within the timetable and budget. He can provide the necessary labor and oversee his men, as well as other contractors so that the project is finished in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Maintenance. There are also additional maintenance services such as Utah snow removal, tree uprooting, tree pruning and overall lawn maintenance.