Taking Care of your Lawn

Lawn care can be a strenuous task, especially if your facing obstacles such as lawn grubs, lawn pests, or dry spots. Figuring out what is causing these problems is the first step in taking care of them. Hiring a professional lawn care service can sometimes be the answer to taking care of these issues.

Detecting Lawn Grubs – if you suspect your dry spots are the result of lawn grubs, you can easily find out by taking a look underneath your lawn. Find a spot where your dry spot meets a healthy spot, carefully lift up some turf in that area, if you find small c-shaped bugs, then these are the culprit.

Your lawn could also be suffering from dryness or poor watering techniques. Proper lawn watering is essential to keeping your lawn healthy, be sure to water your lawn deeply so that the roots have the potential to absorb the most moisture, it’s also important to water a newly planted lawn several times a day.

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