Summertime Landscaping: Valuable Tips

For areas that are sensitive to summertime drought, there are a number of ways people can be frugal and conserve water usage. If yards are not prepared for a water shortage, it can have negative effects, not simply aesthetic but those that are long-lasting, which can result in plant damage and death.

Some excellent ideas for drought-tolerant yards that still look fabulous in the summertime, include:

• Drought Tolerant Plants – Planting an assortment of drought tolerant plants, which includes ornamental grasses and succulents will help reduce overall necessary watering. These types of plants are extremely hardy and are not susceptible to hot temperature fluctuations.
• Native Plants – Native plants and flowers acclimate to local climate trends over thousands of years, making them perfect for their native climates. In high-drought areas, these native plants have adopted their root systems to accommodate less water and more infrequent watering periods, making them excellent for summertime conditions.
• Water Trays – Simply adding a tray of water under a potted plant allows the roots to soak up much needed water and keeps the roots hydrated while not detracting from the plant’s overall appearance.
• Schedules – Keeping plants on a watering schedule will help plant owners determine how landscaping will react if faced with a drought schedule. By training plants to focus their deep roots on water, plants will have well-developed root systems that will remain hydrated even when it’s dry and hot outside.
• Hardscape – Adding hardscaping to high-traffic areas will help preserve greenery and reduce plant damage.
• Mulching – Keeping the area directly surrounding trees, up against the tree’s trunk, mulched is helpful. If possible, mulch up to the tree’s drip line, as this will help provide much needed water within the soil.
• New Plants – Try not to plant any new plants or trees during drought season. This is counterproductive, as plants will have a difficult time establishing a healthy root system. Planting in wetter months, such as spring, fall and winter, helps dormant plans focus on new root growth.
• Trimming – Never have trees pruned in the summertime, as this can make them more susceptible to disease.

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