Strategies for Lighting Up Your Landscape

A well-designed landscape is a thing of beauty not only during the daytime but during the nighttime. Lights can transform your landscape into a dreamy wonderland when the sun goes down. It becomes a place for you to relax and just simply soak in the relaxed or romantic mood. The lights also serve to illuminate the path to prevent slip-ups and accidents, especially for those who are not familiar with your landscape. Landscape lighting can also be a security feature, since trespassers would be more hesitant to enter a lighted area.

Here are some Salt Lake City landscaping strategies for landscape lighting:

–  Make a plan. Before your install any lighting fixture, you need to first consider what results you want to achieve (i.e. what kind of mood you want to set and how the lighting can complement the overall look and atmosphere of your home). Then, using a sketch, identify the landscape elements you already have. Make a sketch of these elements, noting items such as Utah shrubs and trees, other plantings, waterfalls, statues, ponds, buildings or benches. Then, identify the areas you want to illuminate.

– Select points of interest. You don’t have to illumine everything in the garden. You just need to create lighted areas that serve to draw the people’s attention and interest. Some of the main points of interest would be the doorway and the path leading up to it. Providing warm lights add to the welcoming atmosphere as people walk towards the house. Other points of interest include ornamental plants or trees or decorative fixtures such as sculptures. You may also need to light up the driveway, steps, patios, pergolas and gazebos.

–  Play with light and shadows. If you have a Utah retaining wall, you can create a wall wash by installing a light fixture just a few feet away from that wall. This highlights not just the wall but the surrounding plants.

–  Designate sitting areas in the garden. This will be your vantage point to the spectacular night view of your landscape. You can opt for steel lawn chairs, kitchen chairs or a bench.

–  Go for the moonlight effect. Rather than have lights all ablaze, go for subtle lighting, one that mimics the soft light of the moon. This does not detract from the beauty of your plants and landscape picture. Rather, the moonlight effect gives them a soft, romantic aura. The moonlight effect can also eliminate dark areas without creating the shadows that bright lights produce. It can thus serve to increase the security of the area.

–  Make use of the various lighting options. To provide an element of surprise to your landscape lighting, vary the fixtures of your choice while still working to maintain a united look. For instance, rather than using only flood lights and spot, you can also make use of lanterns, hanging lights, step lights, bullet fixtures, box lights, area lights and lamp posts. You can also vary the position from which the light will shine. You can highlight some areas by mounting the light to shine downwards in some areas while using uplighting for other areas.

–  Don’t forget the safety considerations. Ask questions like, “Where are the sockets?” “How safe are the lighting fixtures?” “Is it properly installed?” You can ask your Utah landscaping contractor to install the lights (as well as create the landscape lighting design).

–  Consider installing LEDs. LEDs may be a bit more expensive to install but will come out cheaper in the long run. LED lights use low-voltage wiring, utilize 75% less energy and last much longer than their incandescent or halogen counterparts.

–  Add lighting to your water fixtures. The way light plays on the surface of moving water is magical in itself. If you have already installed a Utah waterfalls or fountain, use some uplighting to capture the sparkles of water as it flows.