Stone Landscaping Ideas

All States Landscaping is a Salt Lake City landscaping and yard maintenance company. They specialize in creating unique landscapes. They specialize in a wide variety of landscape design, but they also offer Utah pavers and Utah retaining wall services. This year, homeowners are voicing a desire to incorporate stone into their future or existing landscaping plans. Some of the top and foremost stone landscaping design ideas include:

  • Relaxation – Homeowners can turn a backyard into a relaxing oasis by simply incorporating large pavers around a stone fireplace.
  • Steps – Incorporating a variety of pavers in different colors and textures adds a striking entryway to any home.
  • Curb Appeal – Budget-friendly landscape designs often incorporate large stone slabs, as this is low maintenance and gives yards a certain sophisticated textured appeal.
  • Drought-Tolerance – This is especially important during Salt Lake City’s warm summers. Incorporating drought-resistant plants in between stone pavers can lend instant curb appeal to any home.
  • Low Water – Adding pavers and rocks creates less surface area that requires less water in Utah’s warm summer months.
  • Mediterranean Villa – Adding an instant Mediterranean flair to any landscaping project, adding beautiful brown stones can create instant upscale villa appeal.
  • Driveways – Pavers are a great way to outline a driveway, giving it a finished and polished look.
  • Walkways – To create an instant artful walkway, adding stone pavers lends a certain sophistication that elevates any yard.
  • Living Walls – More homeowners are incorporating living walls in place of expensive fences. By adding a stone path walkway to highlight the perimeter of the living wall, not only draws attention to this living masterpiece, but also creates a peaceful walkway for homeowners and guests alike.
  • Textures – Adding pathway stones to any yard adds instant texture and appeal, and can lend an instant modern, charming or rustic look depending upon the stone’s textures.
  • Focal Points – A simple stone path can highlight focal points.
  • Flagstone – This is especially popular in the Utah region since it lends instant texture and desert-style color. This color scheme also compliments neutral beige and brown home color schemes.
  • Barefoot Patios – By incorporating grass with lily pad placed pavers, a yard can instantly appear lush and appealing to barefoot tootsies.
  • Poolside Retreats – By adorning swimming pools with stone, it gives pools an instant facelift and offers a great area for drying off.
  • Outdoor Showers – By incorporating stone in an outdoor shower, homeowners can create an outdoor oasis that compliments any poolside area.
  • Boulders – These large stones create the perfect garden accents.