All States Utah Landscaping Maintenance

Remove winter debris, rake the leaves, pull the weeds, transplant the bulbs, care the beds, put down new soil, prune the rose bushes, plant new shrubs, level the ground, rake the leaves once more, pull the weeds again, mow the lawn, fertilize – yard maintenance is tons of work! But it’s essential for keeping an attractive, and valuable piece property that you, your family and even your friends and guests can enjoy. If you need help with your Utah yard maintenance chores, whatever the size, All States can help!

With over 20 years of practice being the kind of landscapers Utah homeowners love, All States is committed to meeting your needs, and manifesting your visions. Their maintenance programs are tailored to satisfy all kinds of clients with tasks that range from small to gigantic. With the professionalism of any well-established landscaping company, All States maintains all the equipment and staff needed to accomplish your maintenance goals, with maximum respect for time and scheduling.

Whether you feel your yard needs weekly attention, or you just need help doing some major clean-up and preparation for the new season, All States can take care of it.

Regular maintenance includes mowing, trimming, edging, fertilization and pest management, special care for trees and shrubs, pruning, planting annuals, bed maintenance, mulching, weed control, sprinkler repair, and ice and snow removal.Regular inspections come with each full-service maintenance package and are valuable for making sure all stays well with your property.

A property clean-up maintenance packageincludes the removal of debris, weeds, leaves, and annuals, cultivating and edging bed areas, and trimming and pruning.

Call All States Landscaping today to speak to a representative about your needs and options for your Utah yard!