Sprinkler Repair and Design from ASL

If you’ve ever woken up in the morning to find bursts of water shooting from your Utah yard you know the stress of a broken sprinkler. Sprinklers can also be a pain to repair. If you have a broken sprinkler call All States Landscaping and we can be there to provide same day repairs when available.

Because we’re a company with a full staff, we have both the availability and over 25 years of experience to make sure sprinkler repairs are done properly the first time. We only work with quality parts, which means you won’t have the same problem in a few months from cheap parts that break quickly. Along with sprinkler repair we also offer entire sprinkler system design, installation and maintenance. We also offer complete Utah landscaping design and installation including waterfalls, patios, decorative concrete and more.

Our sprinkler design and installation is always performed by professionals using high quality parts that are designed to be water efficient, easy to use and requiring very minimal maintenance. After looking at your property we will provide a free estimate and help you decide which type of sprinkler system will work best.

For example, some areas work best with a drip line, while others work best with sprinkler heads. We can design and install a custom automatic sprinkler line for your garden and flower beds as well so you don’t need to manually water your Utah shrubs and plants every day. Our design also takes in account the types of plants, flowers, grass and trees in your yard to ensure the system performs sufficiently. If you notice some areas aren’t getting adequate water we can also modify the system to ensure efficiency.

All States Landscaping is the premier Utah landscaping company and also provides an entire range of SLC landscaping design and installation, including sod, patios, gazebos, landscaping borders, fire pits, stone walkways, custom driveways, retaining walls and even waterfalls. We can help you achieve the yard of your dreams at an affordable price. Virtually anything you dream of for your landscaping in Utah we can provide with quality service and workmanship.

Take a look at our services:

  • Fast, quality sprinkler repairs
  • Customized sprinkler design and installation for residential and commercial needs
  • Water-saving, efficient sprinkler designs
  • Custom driveways and walkways
  • Retaining walls and borders
  • Gazebos and decks
  • Sod installation
  • Maintenance including fertilization, pruning, and cutting