Simple Ideas for Adding Form and Structure to Your Utah Yard

If your yard needs some sense of form or definition, here are some simple ideas you may not have thought of:

  • Install a retaining wall: A Utah retaining wall can serve different functions. It can give support and structure to a garden bed, or form the basis of a terrace system. Retaining walls are generally great for sloped areas. By using retaining walls, you can turn a yard slope into level ground, held up and supported by the walls. Retaining walls are particularly useful in transforming extremely steep areas that are otherwise inaccessible – with the use of retaining walls, these areas can be converted into a garden terrace system; they can also be used as foundations for steps and stairways used to access homes on steep landscape. Beautiful when complemented by plants, retaining walls are also very attractive if used solo. They add strength, structure as well as aesthetics to your yard.
  • Add some shrubs: Shrubs do more than just add flora to your garden, they have functional uses. Tall-growing shrubs for example can add privacy, or provide well-needed shade. Short Utah shrubs can act like hedging for a garden bed. Shrubs can also create natural borders and boundaries, flanking a walkway for example or creating a live “fence’” between yards – adding further privacy, or blocking unwanted views.
  • Utah pavers: Pavers have many uses around the yard. If you’ve been interested in redoing your driveway, pavers are a durable, simple option that also adds a classic look to your driveway. Pavers are also ideal for pathways through your yard, towards entrances or doorways or around water features or gardens. They are also a great option for areas around patios or decks. Their level, stony structure create aesthetic appeal; the presence of hard well-defined surface areas immediately offer solid definition to a yard.