Selecting Shrubs for your Utah Landscaping Project

Shrubs are a valued asset to any landscape. They add variation and interest with a diversity of colors, textures and forms, and can serve functional purposes like providing shade, or privacy. Shrubs can also soften the squared shapes and hard lines of buildings and tend to live longer than other Utah landscaping plants.

The task of selecting shrubs for your landscape presents unique challenges. Shrubs must be well adapted to Utah’s distinct climate and must be able to withstand hot sun, dry weather, and drought-like conditions. Special variables such as higher elevations or very cold winters must also be taken into consideration when selecting shrubs that are suitable for your landscape. Native Utah shrubs are of course best suited for the state’s unique climatology. They have evolved with adaptations and mechanisms in precise response to the environment they live in.

When choosing the right specie of Utah shrubs, it is best to choose the shrub suited to the natural conditions of your Utah yard than to attempt to change the landscape to suit the needs of your shrubs. Be mindful of the location you will want to plant them and of the purpose you want them to serve. If you need privacy in front of an area of your house, you may want to choose a fast-growing shrub that reaches appropriate heights at maturity. Contrastingly, if you want to add a line of ornamental shrubs beneath your low living room window, tall, fast-growing shrubs would be inappropriate, they would block your window view and become a pain to maintain.

Sun and wind exposure, soil pH and porosity, water, and temperature, are all factors to consider in the selection of shrubs that complement your landscape. All States Landscaping can provide invaluable guidance in the selection of shrubs that complement your vision, whether it is a garden, landscape design for your business, or low-maintenance ornamentation.