Salt Lake City Fall Landscaping

Most people plan to work on their landscaping projects during the warm months of spring and summer.  Some of these projects should be done during those seasons, but some can be worked on during fall.  It’s a great season to work on landscaping projects for several reasons.  First, it’s cooler outside, so you can spend more time on your projects because you won’t be battling the hot sun.  Second, your schedule often clears up during the fall, especially on weekends.  This leaves you more time to devote to your projects.  Here are just a few landscaping projects that are ideal for fall.

Lawn Care

This project may seem like a no-brainer because every lawn is supposed to be fertilized in the fall.  However, this season is a great time for more than just fertilizing.  If you feel your lawn is thinning out, you can overseed it so it grows in thicker come spring.  You can also start a new lawn during fall if your current lawn needs to be revamped.  Overseeding or starting over is a great idea for fall because it will go dormant at the same time as the other grass in the lawn and be ready to grow when spring returns.

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There are a few things that should be planted during the fall, including trees, shrubs, and spring bulbs.  Trees and shrubs adjust well to the cooler weather and are able to settle into the soil.  Trees also add some color to your fall landscape while plants are going dormant.  Spring bulbs should be planted during the fall so they have adequate time to adjust to the soil and get ready to bloom in the spring.

Create New Plant Beds

This project is often done in the spring before a gardener starts planting.  It is a better idea to create these beds in fall, so you can just focus on planting during spring instead of preparing the area.  It also helps that nothing is blooming and there usually isn’t much new growth.  When you clear away the grass and weeds in the area you won’t have to worry about harming new plants.  With your new beds ready you’ll be prepared for planting in the spring.

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Winterizing Flowering Shrubs

It’s a good idea to protect your flowering shrubs during winter, because heavy snow can easily break their branches.  Whether you have small or large flowering shrubs you should use an A-frame or grid covering to protect them.  Winterizing should be done in late fall, so you can still enjoy your shrubs during the first months of the season.


Composting is rapidly gaining popularity, and the fall is a great time to start your own compost area.  Instead of raking up the leaves and hauling them to the end of the driveway, you can use them to start composting.  If you continue to compost over the winter you will soon have natural fertilizer for the spring.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Fall is the season when anyone with a sprinkler system needs to flush out the water.  This will ensure the system won’t freeze up during the winter.  If you’re already working on your sprinklers, it’s a great time re-adjust your system.  When you re-adjust during the fall you won’t have to worry about forgetting in the spring.

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If you have a large yard, putting up a fence can be a grueling task.  It’s much simpler to do during the fall because you are able to work longer in the cooler temperatures.  You also won’t have to worry about the extreme weather affecting your materials.