Residential Putting Greens

Just about any golfer would love to own their own golf course. The convenience and privacy of being able to practice one’s game on their own turf is a dream for most golfers. By planting putting greens in your backyard, you can make this dream a reality. Whether you create a simple putting area or an elaborate and decorative landscaping project, a relaxing game of golf can be right out your back door. It is no wonder that this is quickly becoming very popular with golfers across the country.

The biggest decision you have when creating your golf paradise is whether to use natural or synthetic turf. The most common types of natural putting greens are Bermuda grass and bent grass. Bermuda grass is best for warm, tropical climates; where as bent grass is better suited for cool or moderate climates. Both are beautiful and will provide a very authentic look.

In addition to the initial cost of the landscaping, natural putting greens require a lot of maintenance. Because these grasses grow best in sandy soils which retain less moisture, natural putting greens will need a lot of water. When planting putting greens, water drainage is very important to consider. Water that pools on the greens will create sink holes where you don’t want them. The grass must be mowed at least every other day to keep it trimmed to ¼ inch or shorter. Otherwise it will quickly become an unkempt mess. In addition to the time investment, you will need a special lawn mower that can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000. Other routine gardening will also be required such as fertilizing and weeding.

If you don’t want to invest the time and money in maintaining natural turf, synthetic turf is a good alternative. Though they can still look nice, they might not look as authentic or “real” as the real thing. You will spend more to install synthetic putting greens; however you will save greatly on maintenance costs. The holes will be stationary, unlike the natural greens where they can be moved around. While this may take away some of the spontaneity and variety, if you carefully think about the hole placements it does not have to be an issue. Many golfers enjoy synthetic putting greens and say they cannot tell a difference between them and natural turf.

If you’re ready to improve your game and have your backyard become the hot spot for all of your golfing buddies, then transform your backyard with putting greens. All States Landscaping installs putting greens in Utah for $15.00 per square foot. You can request an estimate or contact All States Landscaping at their website, All States provides landscaping and maintenance services geared for today’s lifestyles.