Raising Property Value through Landscaping

In the last few years the housing market has become very competitive.  With so many homes available buyers are pickier than ever.  One great way people have been attracting buyers and raising the value of their property is through landscaping.  It is a way of making the exterior of a home more attractive and inviting.  Adding landscaping or improving existing landscaping is an excellent idea for anyone who is considering moving sometime in the future, because it actually appreciates with time.  Several studies have proven that proper landscaping can increase the value of a property significantly and can speed up the selling process.  Below are several simple ways you can boost the value of your property.

Planting Flowers & Shrubs

This option is often the first thing that enters people’s minds when they hear the word landscaping.  Adding flowers or shrubs to a yard adds color and design, which makes it more appealing.  Plants can also be strategically placed to cover up any unattractive qualities of a home, such as harsh corners or air conditioning units.  Both plants and shrubs can be used in the front yard and the backyard.  Homeowners often focus on the front yard, but the backyard is also important.  Plants can make the backyard more welcoming for get-togethers or family activities.  Shrubs are especially good for the backyard because they can be planted as a natural barrier fence.  They will provide privacy while adding an elegant touch to the yard.

When designing a planting plan it is important to consider several elements.  The placement of the plants, the amount of plants, and the mix of greenery and flowers are all important elements.  For design ideas or for personalized help with your design, visit https://asl1.com/allstates/app.


Adding mulch to flowerbeds can completely change their appearance.  The color and texture of mulch is much more appealing than dark dirt.  It makes the flowerbed look finished and sophisticated.  Mulch is also great for maintenance because it retains moisture and blocks a significant amount of weeds.

Trimming Trees & Shrubs

Having neat trees and shrubs can really help the overall appeal of a yard.  The yard will look more put together and healthy.  This can be a tricky task due to the height of trees and the different kinds of shrubs.  One common way to trim shrubs is to make them flat on the top, but that is only recommended for certain types of shrubs, not all shrubs.  It is often beneficial to discuss maintenance with a professional.  To learn more about maintenance services visit.


These individual bricks can be used for driveways or walkways.  Pavers are durable and very attractive.  They are sure to wow everyone who visits.  They are available in several different sizes, designs, and colors.  Also, they can be arranged into countless designs and patterns.  Since they are individual pieces they can be replaced individually, so repair is simple.

Rock Features

These features are a great low maintenance alternative to flowers, especially next to a driveway or walkway.  Placing rocks of various sizes next to a driveway can dress it up but still be a simple touch.  Like flowers, the rocks come in different colors so they still add a little color to the driveway or yard.  To see available colors and designs visit.

Concrete Staining

Staining or dying concrete is a simple way to really dress up a plain surface.  The most popular type of staining is acid etch chemical staining.  It stains concrete a specific color that is not flat.  The chemicals in the stain actually cause variations in the color, so it can look similar to marble.  After concrete is stained it looks elegant.  This method is usually used for patios or walkways.

To learn more about other ways to increase your property value through landscaping visit.

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