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Master your short game, with your very own putting green.

As a golfer, you probably have wondered about what it would be like to have your own natural green. Well, we have a product that is even better than a natural green. Let us tell you what you might expect from a natural grass putting green. You will need to water it daily a specified amount. You will need to purchase a special putting green mower and mow it every day. You will need to watch for diseases and pests and purchase the chemicals with which to treat them. Don’t forget the fertilizer; you will need lots of that in order to get that nice, thick green. How does that sound?

Now think, what if you could have the benefits of the natural green without all the maintenance required? No watering. No mowing or expensive custom equipment. No spraying for pests or fertilizing. Well, if that sounds more like it, All States Putting Greens are what you are looking for. They have the same ball roll and ball holding ability as a natural grass green. The physical characteristics of our putting greens are even the same, and we give you all of this at a fraction of the cost.

A mower that cuts a natural green runs from $3,000 to $30,000 while All States can install competitively priced putting greens that require absolutely no clipping!

So go ahead and try our affordable, no maintenance, weather resistant, guaranteed putting greens that can be used year round and increase the value of your property.

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