Pest Control Problems?

Let pests be a thing of the past! Small as these creatures are, you wouldn’t want them crawling about in your home, even when they’re hidden from your view. These invade our homes and garden, wreaking havoc if we let them.

What are pests?

Pests are insects or animals that are detrimental to the health and safety of a house’s occupants. They live in or invade the home, bite the occupants or eat their food and cause other threats. Pests aren’t just annoying, they can be carriers of diseases. Pests can get into your food and contaminate it. For instance, rats are known to cause murine typhus, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, rat-bite fever, salmonella, leptospirosis and eosinophilic meningitis.

Pests can also cause damage to your home’s structure.  For instance, termites are quiet demolishers. They crawl about in your home’s foundation and if you’re not careful, they have already weakened your home and leaving you and your family vulnerable.

Pests include ants, rodents (such as rats and mice), mosquitoes, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, fleas, termites, lice, wasps and carpet beetles. Weeds and weevils can also be considered as pests as these does damage to gardens and lawns.

Ways to control pests

Here are some ways of eradicating and control the presence of pests:

Poison. One way of getting rid of rats is to scatter poisoned food in areas where rats are known to pass. However, this is not an effective solution, as rats also have access to food (in the garbage,

Getting rid of breeding grounds. Mosquitoes breed on stagnant water so you should make sure that there is no stagnant water around your area. Cockroaches, rats and flies (although not directly breeding) are attracted to garbage. Also, make sure that your building or home has a proper sewerage system, as open air sewers are a good breeding ground of most pests.

Traps. This is considered a humane method of pest control – where pests such as rats are trapped and released in other areas.

Fumigation. This refers to spraying a chemical or gas in a sealed area to kill all pests residing in the area. This enables one to kill pests at all its life stages.

Spraying. This involves spraying insect killers in the air and in dark and dank areas, such as the bottom of sinks, in the cellar or basement.

Space treatment. This involves the spraying or injecting of insecticides in key areas of a home.

What you can do

Preventing pests from invading and taking over your home is a simple thing. Here are a few things that you, as a homeowner, can do:

Don’t make your house attractive to pests. Pests are drawn to wet or damp areas, as well as to food and garbage. Check under the sinks to see if there are leaks, wipe up spills, make sure that your garbage cans are regularly washed and clean and the garbage taken out. Don’t leave unwashed plates on the sink. If you can’t do the dishes, soak them in soapy water. Securely seal containers that hold food and drinks – such as sugar canisters, flour tins and other containers that are not placed in the refrigerator.

Keep them out. Don’t leave entryways open. Also, seal all entry points (such as cracks in the sink or pipe). Add screens to your front and back doors, as well as in cooling and heating vents.

Use pesticides and get rid of breeding places. Make sure that your insect killers are safe, especially if you have children. Be sure to keep pesticides, traps and poisons away from children.

When there is an invasion

There are times when you may need to let the professionals do the job for you. For one, you may be too busy to deal with these annoying creatures, or you may not want to contend with them up close. Professional pest management services in Utah have the experience, expertise and equipment to rid your home of unwanted pests.

Here are some advantages of using a professional pest control service:

– Pest management services prevent a minor pest problem from burgeoning into a major safety and health issue for your family.

– Materials and chemicals used are certified safe. Professionals know how to handle the pesticides and other possibly toxic substances and will make sure that you and your children are safe.

– Methods ensure that the pest invasion will be held back for quite some time. You can also schedule regular inspections to ensure that these pests will not make a comeback in your home.

– The cost of a pest management service is considerably less than the potential damage that pests could cause.

– Exterminators cut off the pest problem at the source. If you simply use a spray to get rid of cockroaches, you will kill some of these pests. However, there might be more where it came from. Exterminators ensure that all the pests are killed at all their life stages (egg/larvae, young to full grown) so that there are no recurrences.

– It gives you more time and energy for your family and your interests. Why spend time hunting for varmints when you can go to a picnic with your spouse and kids? You may have busy weekdays at work and you should spend the rest of your free time on enjoyable pursuits.

How All States Landscaping can Help

All States Landscaping is primarily a Salt Lake City landscaping company, but it also provides Utah pest control services. These include ridding your home of infestation and treating your home to prevent the occurrence of pests. You can also turn to All States landscaping for help in beautifying your gardens, as it is one of Utah’s best landscaping companies.