Perfect Your Game with a Residential Putting Green

In golf, as in all things, practice makes perfect. But sometimes, you don’t always have the access (or the time) to a full-sized green. Getting to the links may not always be a choice. However, you can still perfect your putt with a putting green at home. You can get to your own putting green as easy as going out to your backyard!

Your Own Hole at Home

Putting is actually one of the major weaknesses of most golfers. Thus, if you want to cut down on your handicap, you may need more time to practice putting.

Residential putting greens actually add beauty to your landscape and value to your property, aside from giving you the chance to practice when you want to. Also, there are several other advantages to having your own putting green at home. You can invite your friends as you com-putt, er, compete over a few bottles of beers and some burgers. You can also practice without spending too much time away from your family.

Real vs. Synthetic?

The grass can be greener, even on your own side of the fence! The thing is, do you go for real grass or for synthetic Utah putting green? For some, real is the only way to go. For others, the convenience and low maintenance requirements of synthetic are the deciding factors. It really depends on one’s preferences.

However, we would strongly recommend grass you don’t need to mow or weed, buy expensive equipment (lawn mower, sprinkler, sprayer, blower, etc.) or fertilize. Artificial putting greens mimic the look, feel and roll of the real thing. They are also more resilient to the weather and to regular use. What’s more, they’re also environmental friendly!

Design of the Putting Green

Your home putting green can also be designed to fit your needs, as well as the qualities of your landscape. If you work with a professional Utah landscape company that also installs residential putting green, you can request designs to create your “dream green” – bunkers, the speed of the roll, undulations, tee boxes and contours. The professional landscaper will install the putting green using expert construction methods.

Some Considerations for Your Residential Putting Green

Here are some things you should look into as you design your home putting green:

–          The size of your yard

–          The slope of your property (including drainage)

–          The desired size, shape and location of the putting green

–          The purpose of the green. Is it just for putting or for chipping?

–          The number of holes for your putting green

Cost of Putting Green

The cost will depend on the size of the green, the quality of the turf installed and the skill of the installer. You may need to decide on the balance between cost and quality. One advantage of artificial putting green is that it comes with a warranty.

The process of installing a putting green

To install a putting green, the existing grass is first cut to a height of not more than 1”. The installer will then apply vegetation killer to get rid of the remaining grass. Once the grass is gone, the base is set up. This is usually composed of a mixture of concrete, sand, limestone, stone dust or other fine aggregate material. The holes are dug and the cups are placed and cemented in their proper positions. The green turf is then laid down, secured and trimmed on the sides.

All States Landscaping for Your Putting Green Needs

When you want a putting green that fits your specifications, we suggest that you go with the experts. All States Landscaping has been installing quality putting greens in Salt Lake City and the rest of the Utah area. All States Landscaping also specializes in landscaping and maintenance services, including putting up retaining walls, gazebos and other living structures.

You can trust on All States to provide your putting green and Utah landscaping needs!


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