Office Landscaping Ideas

Enhance your corporate image with the right landscape design

Your business’ corporate image is important. It is how your customers see you. You would want to build your status in your customers’ eyes – not just with the product you provide, your after sales service, but also your office space. Your office is one of the areas where your customers “encounter” your business. You would want to ensure that the image you present to your clients and shareholders denote professionalism, progressiveness, a commitment to excellence and trustworthiness.

If your surroundings and office look shoddy and haphazard, how can you expect customers to entrust you with their money? If your business is dependent on foot traffic, having striking surroundings can draw customers into your business area.

Thus, you should also ensure that your office – both the interiors and the exteriors look their best. One way to do this is to get a professional to do your commercial landscaping. For those who are located in Utah, there are Utah landscaping companies that can provide you with great landscaping designs and maintenance services. Contact the best landscaping firm in Utah – All States Landscaping.

Here are some landscaping ideas, which will work will for an office that is located in the big city:

Signature Shrubs. You can actually use trimmed hedges to depict your company logo or spell your business name. That’s one way to attract the eyes of your customers and shareholders. If it’s possible, you can even choose shrubs that are similar to your company’s colors. Otherwise, you can opt for vivid colors such as brilliant greens, yellows or reds. You can also combine bright and dark colors where the dark-colored Utah shrubs can serve as the backdrop. You can also use shrubs as border accents – this can make your exteriors look more professional and up-to-date.

When you are making your signature shrub, you can also surround that shrub with plants formed in an oval or circle. These shapes tend to draw in the eye towards the center. This will highlight your “logo shrub”.

Wise use of foliage. If you have an office that’s in a one-story building, you can surround the building with decorative trees, tall palms and other attractive foliage to give your office a more private feel. The foliage can also serve to shield your windows from prying eyes.

Decorate with water. You can also put a fountain in front of your office building or in the lobby. Water, in some cultures, is linked to good fortune. A fountain is also soothing. You can further spruce up the fountain by adding some foliage and gravel.

Cobblestone paths, patios and seating areas. If you have extra space outside, you can also create a private haven with the use of a landscaped stone patio and shrubs. Your customers can use this space while waiting for their orders. You can even serve coffee or tea to help set the mood and show your customers how much you care about their needs. When creating a patio, make sure that there is a drainage system. Add outdoor furniture that reflect your corporate image – wicker, chrome or molded plastic for a more modern look, wrought iron seating for a more traditional feel, or plain wooden benches for simplicity. Benches can also serve as waiting areas or resting areas.

Entrance considerations. You should ensure that your entrance is accessible, even for the handicapped. Aside from the access ramp, you should do away with obstacles that may cause slips and falls. You can adorn your entrance with brick, chrome or another kind of metal or any high-quality sustainable material.

Plantings. You can adorn the exteriors with plantings such as evergreen shrubs and flowering shrubs. These are easy to maintain and will require fewer watering. Perennials need more effort in terms of maintenance work but these are long lasting and provide bursts of color to your area. You can also opt for exotic plants for a modern or contemporary look. You can also make a flower bed using planters, especially if your area is surrounded by asphalt.

Plants within the office. Plants breathe new life into the office. It is a highly affordable decoration for our office. When choosing indoor plants, you should make sure that these are low-maintenance plants that will look nice no matter the season.

Hardscaping. Office landscaping does not only involve plants, but also hardscaping such as the putting up of retaining walls. All States Landscaping can provide you with Utah retaining wall services, to stabilize sloping landscapes and add more beauty to the landscaping.

When choosing your outdoor plants, make sure that they are not only decorative but also durable. Remember that they will be exposed to heat, cold, pedestrian traffic and smoke coming from cars.

All States Landscaping for Landscaping and Maintenance

If your office is in the Utah area, All States Landscaping can provide you with excellent designs for your office, as well as maintenance services to ensure that your plants are at their best at all times. All States Landscaping is your premier source for stone and rock landscaping in Utah, Utah shrubs and waterfalls.  They can also provide cleaning up services, trimming and pruning of the shrubs and plantings, as well as cultivating of the bedding areas.