Making the Most Out of Your Partnership with Your Landscaper

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces is an exciting thing. You slowly see your ideas take shape and color in the form of Utah shrubs, flower beds, trees and other decorative landscape elements. You can consider getting a Utah landscaping company for help in terms of technical and aesthetic guidance, as well as other structural issues.

So how do you make the most of your partnership with your Utah landscaping company? Here are some simple tips for a good working relationship:

–  Decide on the landscape professional that fits your requirements. This mainly depends on the scope of the work that is needed. If you have a project that requires the building of major structures such as Utah retaining walls, irrigation and drainage systems and other hardscaping structures, consider hiring a landscape architect. Landscape architects also have the training to conduct environmental and site analyses and providing designs that are up to state and local codes. Meanwhile, if the concern is mainly on aesthetical design, you can look to a landscape designer to collaborate with you in order to put your ideas into a feasible design. If you already have a landscape plan, a landscape contractor can execute that design. More often than not, a landscaping professional wears more than one of these hats.

–  Choose a landscaping contractor you can work with. How closely can you work with your landscaping professional? Is he receptive towards collaborating with you and actively getting your input with regards to the design? A good landscape professional works closely with the client, giving their valuable opinions as to what ideas can work, how to tweak an idea to make it work and how feasible can a certain design or concept be maintained for the long run.

–  Know what look you want and how much you are willing to spend. At the onset, you should have a firm idea of how your landscape will look like. Decide – do you want a garden with a contemporary look? Or a classical look? To give help you, you can look around in your community for the kind of look you want to go for. Magazines are also a great resource. Of course, during your collaboration, you can discover new ideas from your landscaper that you like. While you have your idea of what you want, be ready to listen to suggestions and feedback from your landscaper as well. The landscaper will have his recommendations with regards to the plants to be used, how these can be placed considering the available sunlight, rainfall and drainage system.

– Know how much you are willing to spend. Set a budget for the entire project. This will help you and your landscaper know what’s feasible given the resources available. Other budget considerations include the level of maintenance effort you plan to give and how the plants will be watered.

–  Provide the necessary papers. At the onset, prepare any documents that may be needed. This includes the property map (including the dimensions), as well as any licenses and permits required.

–  Provide the landscape professional with what they need. Landscapers will appreciate access to necessary facilities such as the bathroom, a cold drink or a shady place to rest from the heat during their breaks. In some instances, there are landscapers who have their own portable toilet, but if not, then offer the nearest bathroom in your home. Other needs include electrical outlets, water sources and space for their vehicles and other landscaping equipment.

–  Meet with the landscaping pro regularly. Your regular meetings will be your opportunity to voice any concerns with regards to the project or the conduct of the men involved in the project, as well as give commendations when they are due. This is also be a time that you can get updates on the progress of the landscaping and any additional help you can give from your end.