Makeover your Back Yard

Due to the warm weather, many homeowners have started to think about the state of their backyard.  They may be tired of looking at a backyard that’s just a lawn.  Is there something more that can be done?  Definitely!  There are many different ways a person can makeover their backyard.

The first step is to choose how much you want to change your backyard.  You can do radical things like installing a water feature and retaining wall or just plant a few trees and flowers. There are a few simple options that any homeowner can easily do but a major transformation will take professional landscapers such as All States Landscaping.

Green Grass

A lawn by itself may seem boring, but there are ways to make it more exciting.  Everyone loves a lawn that’s nice and green and this can often be an easy makeover. You’ll need some lawn fertilizer and probably some type of weed control product. You will also have to water often.

To accomplish this, many homeowners install a sprinkler system.  There are a few options when it comes to sprinkler systems though.  You can talk with a professional from All States Landscaping to learn more about your options. They can install a quality sprinkler system that will keep your lawn green throughout summer.

Fertilizers are often confusing to most homeowners. There are certain times of the season that are better for fertilizing grass and it really depends on what type of grass you have. All States Landscaping can set you up on a fertilizing schedule that’s perfect for your lawn and you’ll never have to worry about that again.


Adding a few plants in the backyard can really bring it to life.  This is a simple option that won’t be too expensive and can even be fun.  A person can easily go to a greenhouse, pick up a few plants and beautify their yard. Be sure to ask for help in choosing your plants though. Where a plant will be located in your yard and how much sun it will get determines a lot about which plants are best for various locations.

It’s important to remember that landscape maintenance is required.  If you plant very many flowering plants, shrubs and trees in the backyard, then it may be difficult and time consuming to take care of them.  Many homeowners hire a landscaping service to take care of weeding and feeding their new plants.

Water Features

Another option that completely makes over your backyard is adding a water feature.  These are great for any backyard, because they can be designed in different sizes.  There really isn’t a limit when it comes to creating a water feature.  A person could even create a large water feature that includes smaller features throughout the backyard.  Here are a few water feature examples to get you started.

Believe it or not, water features take a bit of maintenance as well. You’ll need algae control and someone to make sure the pumps are continually working properly.

All States Landscaping now offers low-cost financing to homeowners who have a big dream of how they want their backyard to look but not enough time to do it. They even offer a free landscape design service. This way you don’t have to visualize what the yard might look like; you can actually see it on paper. Call today or visit the website to get more info about a professional makeover for your backyard.