Lawn Maintenance

Spring is upon us and now is the perfect time to setup your maintenance for your sprinkler system and to get your early spring fertilizer schedule in order. Many of us handle these things ourselves each season but it seems we have less and less time each year to handle these tasks. One option is to use a Utah landscaping company that also provides fertilizer and sprinkler maintenance, among other services. All States Landscaping has been serving the Salt Lake City, UT area for 26 years and has an excellent reputation. With membership in the Utah Apartment Association & Utah Nursery and Landscape Association and holding the Select Contractor award through Rain Bird, All States Landscaping is ready to assist you with your spring lawn maintenance.

Landscaping is one of the more expensive additions we do to our homes. Keeping the lawn healthy, fertilized and mowed correctly is a time consuming chore but it has its own rewards. Part of keeping our lawns lush and healthy is the correct application of fertilizer and water. Without enough water to penetrate into the soil you can end up with wasted fertilizer or worse burning your grass. This is why we combine sprinkler systems with our fertilizer regimen.

Sprinkler Systems: vary depending on the application need. Smaller yards may only need a simple sprinkler attached to the hose with a timer unit and other yards may require much more involved automatic systems which burying, timers and the use specialized sprinkler heads. The importance of these systems is the same; both provide much needed water to our lawns, gardens and plants. Without water we would only have dirt plots and I know my HOA won’t be happy with me if I let that happen. Without water two things occur, first our plants and lawn dies off and secondly fertilizer that is applied cannot reach and penetrate the soil to the depth it needs in order to be effective. From NY to WY and Utah lawn sprinkler systems vary and all are equally important.

Fertilizer: there is a science to fertilizer that many people do not appreciate that extends beyond just reading the packaging. Type of grass, weather, location (in terms of zones) all play a major part in determining which fertilizer is best, how it needs to be applied and whether or not it needs to be adjusted with additional chemicals. In addition to fertilizer, there are also pre-emergent herbicides to apply, soil PH testing as well as aerating your lawn and the first light mowing of the Spring season. All of these tasks work with fertilizers to get the maximum impact on your Utah lawns health.

With everything that is involved with a Spring lawn care schedule and time being such a commodity these days, sometimes the best thing to do is leave it to the professionals.

All States Landscaping uses premium products combined with well trained professionals that will work with you and your lawn to insure you a lush healthy lawn, trees and shrubs. With 26 years in the industry providing landscaping in Utah, All States Landscaping has the necessary experience to properly care for your lawn and help you to reclaim some of your leisure time. In addition to working with you on your Spring care needs All States also designs, installs and maintains sprinkler systems of all varieties. With this in mind if during your Spring opening of the system needs repairs or trouble shooting All States professionals are well prepared to handle that for you.

For more information about lawn fertilization, sprinkler system care or other questions about landscape maintenance or services contact All States Landscaping at 800.840.7336 or at our contact page

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