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Commercial Lawn Fertilization

Utah’s unique environment requires the use of specialized fertilization to help grow a healthy array of flowers, trees, and shrubs. All States provides several fertilization programs to aid in the growth and treatment of your lawn.

  • The lawn program is designed to provide timely fertilizer and weed control applications to give you the healthiest lawn possible while keeping weeds in check.
  • The tree and shrub program helps to stimulate the growth of your plants by using deep root fertilizer treatments.
  • The insect and pest control program provides insect control applications to provide a healthy, pest-free lawn as well as trees and shrubs.
  • The spider and pest control program prevents problem insects from entering your home throughout all seasons of the year.

We use premium products, advanced techniques, and well-trained personnel, thus ensuring a thick, green lawn and healthy trees and shrubs for our customers. We are committed to giving you the best quality service possible and guarantee results from our fertilization programs. If you have never had a lawn service and want to increase your leisure time or if you are just not satisfied with your current lawn service provider, we invite you to give us a try.

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