Landscaping in Utah with Native Plants

There are many reasons why you should do your landscaping with plants that are native to Utah. Native plants provide each yard owner with a refreshing diversity of options. Native plants are usually more distinct in their appearance thus helping you create a garden or landscape that invites intrigue and interest.

Because native plants are specially adapted to the environment they sprung from, they tend to require less additional resources. Utah is one of the states that make up the Intermountain West region. Along with Nevada, and parts of Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, Utah is surrounded by the Sierra Nevada, Cascade, and Rocky mountain ranges. Affected by changing elevation and a plateau topography, the climate of this region varies with location and the native species found in these locales reflect these variations.

Utah also sits within the rain shadows of the Sierra Nevada and Wasatch Mountains of the Rocky Mountain range, which means that precipitation is blocked by the mountains, resulting in the state’s characteristic dry weather. Parts of Utah, however, are in the paths of Pacific storms that roll in from the ocean from October to May while monsoon precipitation comes in from the Gulf of California. Utah’s climate temperatures are extreme, ranging from very hot summers to very cold winters.

With all of these factors, landscaping in Utah is a specialized art in and of itself and plants native to Utah, including Utah shrubs and trees, are equipped with unique abilities that make them hardy during winter and summer months, and able to survive through long periods of little water. Your native plants can help you to save water, fertilizer and other resources that would otherwise be necessary to maintain specie varieties that are not adapted to Utah’s unique environment.

In addition to lightening your maintenance workload, native plants allow you greater freedom to appreciate learning about your plants in their natural habitat while strengthening your own personal connection to Utah.

Using native flora for your Utah landscaping project also has beneficial results for the environment. Native plants naturally attract native birds, pollinators, and wildlife that have evolved to coexist with them. They also lessen the risk of foreign invasions that may occur when nonnative species escape and propagate in surrounding areas.

Utah has a plenitude of native plants to suit the needs, tastes, temperament, and time availability of any Utah yard owner. All States Landscaping has been serving the Utah area for over 25 years and knows the land well. With their seasoned expertise and experience, you can count on All States to help you with your choices in native gardening and landscaping.