Landscaping Trends for 2013

With summer in full swing, there is no better time like the present to transform a yard into an outdoor paradise. Fortunately, All States Landscaping is a full service Salt Lake City landscaping and maintenance company. They specialize in following the latest yard trends, ensuring that customers’ yards are not only an extension of their homes, but a modern haven.

This year’s gardening and landscaping trends include:

  • Fragrant Blooms – The beauty of nature is that most flowers have a delicate scent, or so one assumes. Not all flowers are scented. Plants that are fragrant – whether for their blooms or leaves – are soaring in popularity and are finding their ways into manicured gardens across the U.S.
  • Variegated Foliage – Including a variety of variegated plants is a great way to add a dollop of color to any yard. Instead of the standard green leaves, some plants come with a variety of eye-popping dark greens, limes and even yellows.
  • Bulbs – Planting bulbs is the best way to celebrate spring’s rebirth. Nature’s budding transformation from winter into warm weather is a wonderment to behold. Bulbs add pops of color, but the best styles include unique flowers, including Black Parrot tulips and adding pops of floral scented hyacinths.
  • Homestead-Styles – With more people trying to embrace the self-sustaining trend and being more environmentally conscious, many homeowners are looking to maximize space and use less water. Whether it’s incorporating a garden or low maintenance, native landscaping, the experts at All States Landscaping have some excellent ideas for embracing ecological trends.
  • Old Fashioned Plants – Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, so why not incorporate a bit of whimsical, old style into yards? Including a variety of Russian sages, hydrangeas, moonflowers, lavenders, celosias and impatiens will give any backyard an instant English cottage vibe.
  • Permeable Utah Pavers – This latest design actually allows water to permeate through the pavers, which dramatically reduces runoff.
  • Bounty – Incorporating plants that are beautiful and have the dual purpose of being edible is becoming a star-studded trend. Consider incorporating dwarf thornless raspberries, dwarf citrus, pomegranate or even dwarf blueberry shrubs into existing landscaping plans. Not only do they had a vibrant touch of color, but nothing tastes as good as homegrown fruit and berries.
  • Hanging Baskets – Having beautiful hanging basket arrangements placed on posts that incorporate into existing landscaping plans adds instant height and dimension to any yard.
  • Sensory Gardens – The latest trend for parents with children is incorporating sensory gardens into their landscaping plans. Consider using textured succulents, fuzzy lamb’s ears and even fragrant mints and lavenders.
  • Less Grass – More homeowners are leaning away from grass in favor of having yards that are landscaped with beautiful perennial blooms and Utah shrubs. By incorporating drought-tolerant plants, homeowners can insure a beautiful yard year-round.