Do It Yourself Landscaping Tips

Homeowners often decide that they can’t afford a professional landscaping company so they try to do much of the work themselves. The climate in Utah makes landscaping a bit challenging however. You never know when you’ll get rain, snow or sunshine. It’s often difficult to decide when to fertilize the lawn and clean out those flower beds.

All States Landscaping has built a solid reputation in the Salt Lake City area as a reputable Utah landscaping company. We are experts at performing every type of lawn and garden project, even snow removal. If you are dead set on doing it yourself this year, then we want to offer you a few tips.

The first tip concerns the weather. By keeping an eye on the local weather, you can often tell when the last snow of the season has come and gone. After that, you can begin the removal of any remaining snow and then start cleaning out your flower beds.

Be sure to cut back any dead portions of your plants and bushes. It’s best to purchase the largest trash bags available and be sure to get a sturdy brand that won’t burst open. You can even cut back the lower limbs on small trees if you have the proper tools for this task. This is a good time to check for any damage to trees and bushes from insects or small animals.

Once the debris has been removed from your yard, it is time to fertilize flower beds and lawn. Different types of grass and shrubbery require various types of fertilizer. They also must be fertilized at different times of the season based on their growth pattern and type of plant or greenery.

Once you have your lawn and plants trimmed back and fertilized, it is time to put into the ground any new plants, bushes or shrubs you would like to add to your Utah yard. Be sure to till the soil first so that it is loose and aerated.

Though a beautiful yard is important to most Utah homeowners, their busy lifestyle can keep them from being able to get out there every weekend and do the required work. There’s a lot of hauling off debris and hauling in new plants, not to mention some backbreaking labor required.

Many times homeowners just don’t have the time and expertise to do the job and do it right. All States Landscaping has been transforming Utah Salt Lake Valley yards ever since 1985. We are experts at knowing what to plant and when to plant it. We keep up with your fertilizing schedule as well.

All States performs Salt Lake City snow removal.Our team will come out and clean away the last snowfall, any debris or whatever you might need done around your home. Often, homeowners discover that by the time they buy all the tools and equipment they need, plus the plants and fertilizers, and of course, the trash bags, they could have called a professional landscaping service like All States to do the work for them.

A professional landscaping service like All States Landscaping will partner with you, the homeowner, to achieve the beautiful lawn and garden that you desire. Your home is your biggest investment and it’s a proven fact that homes that use professional landscaping designers always look better and have a much higher return on investment.

Working in the yard can be grueling! Why spend every weekend toiling and laboring when you could have professionals come out and do it all for you? No project is too large or too small at All States Landscaping. We can design and build a new courtyard complete with decorative pavers and a serene water feature.

You can expect excellent, trouble-free results all season long from the friendly professionals at All States Landscaping. We are yourbest Utah landscaping company. We now offer financing for homeowners with a big dream of a gorgeous new yard, driveway or patio but who are short on cash. We make it easy for you to move forward with your plans to build that new retaining wall or install an outdoor kitchen. Call us today for your FREE estimate on any of our services.

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