Landscaping Tips: Creating Curb Appeal

Whether a homeowner simply wants a stunning yard or is looking to sell his/her home, creating curb appeal is an absolute must.

The following are valuable tips that homeowners can incorporate into their Salt Lake City landscaping:

  • Year-Round Interest – No one wants a yard that is beautiful in the summer months but takes on the appearance of a natural disaster in the winter. Homeowners should confirm their Utah landscaping includes four-season interest, meaning shrubs and flowers that bloom in the spring and summer months, striking fall foliage and clean lines in the winter.
  • Layer Flowerbeds – When planting flowerbeds, homeowners should consider planting beds in three rows. The back row should incorporate the tallest plants, the middle row medium sized plants and the front row shorter plants.  This helps give Park City landscaping added dimension and instant curb appeal. It also incorporates a sense of unity into the landscaping, immediately highlighting proper planning and not simply a vast array of overwhelming plants strewn helplessly about.
  • Evergreens – Evergreens add a punch of year-round color and much needed variety a yard. While flowers are beautiful, no one wants a yard that is barren in the winter months. Incorporating evergreen foliage is an instant yard pick-me-up.
  • Annuals Pop – To help supplement perennial plants’ colors, adding a vibrant splash of annual plants helps yards instantly look like summer has arrived. Not only are annuals soothing and eye pleasing, they instantly add a continuous boost of color to any yard.
  • Hardscapes – Hardscapes are plants that add structure to yards in the winter months. This includes evergreens, but also man-made structures such as decks, arbors and patios. These help make a yard inviting year-round.
  • Water Features – Not only are these Zen-style features popular additions to any yard, they provide an instant soothing treat to even the busiest areas, creating a calming oasis. Water features can include inexpensive fountains, ponds or even waterfalls.
  • Form and Texture – This category is a landscaper’s secret. Branch patterns, foliage texture and color all combine to create a yard that has added dimension and appeal.
  • Low-Maintenance Yards – No one enjoys a yard that requires more work than a full-time job. Keeping yards low maintenance not only allows homeowners to have a social life, but it also helps conserve water.
  • Drought-Tolerant Plants – Always consult a nursery professional if unsure how a plant will transition from cold to warm weather. Some plants do not have the cell structure to support hot summers and will die. Plants that are appropriate for each homeowner’s area will ensure less money spent on dying plants and a yard that looks well kept and fresh.
  • Know Your Yard – Homeowners should know their soil type, shady areas and sun-saturated areas so they can determine the best planting areas for each type of plant, shrub or tree.