Landscaping on a Budget

While some people consider flowers and grass to be landscaping, there’s far more to consider than simply putting plants in the ground. All States Landscaping specializes in helping homeowners create custom landscaping plans that include a variety of Utah landscaping tips. Homeowners should consider the following tips when landscaping on a budget:

  • Land Plan – Homeowners should consider the land’s layout, including rainfall and runoff. This is also the ideal time for homeowners to consider what their goal is for their yards. Do they want a plant-less patio, a time-consuming garden, low maintenance landscaping, a drought tolerant design or an English-style wildflower paradise?
  • Grade – A yard must be graded to have water flow away from a home’s foundation, as this can cause basement flooding. A professional can help determine the proper and necessary slope and grade of a yard prior to landscaping.
  • Save on Air Conditioning – While this may sound incredulous, consider how much money a strategically placed shade tree can save on air conditioning bills. It can easily block hot, blinding sun from saturating windows and rooms.
  • Landscaping Tools – Homeowners can save money by purchasing landscaping tools during off-peak season, which includes late summer or fall.
  • Plants – By selecting the right pants initially, it can save a lot of heartache. Some homeowners make do-it-yourself mistakes by selecting invasive species, only to have all their hard work become fruitless. Homeowners should consider local wildlife, soil types, sun saturation levels and moisture, which are all important factors.
  • Seeds – Growing plants from seeds takes time, dedication and patience. Seeds are extremely delicate and require a great deal of care. While they may be cheaper, the results may be impractical for people that don’t have a green thumb.
  • Bulk – Buying in bulk can also help save money. Whether it’s buying plants, soil or mulch in bulk, these can offer definitive cost-saving alternatives for homeowners on a budget.
  • Recycled Products – Some companies offer recycled landscaping supplies, including old bricks from homes, crushed concrete, imperfect lumber, etc. Even frequenting flea markets can offer some great garden décor ideas.
  • Water – Consider recycling water by using rainwater falloff. Additionally, inefficient sprinkler systems can waste hundreds of gallons of water annually. Additionally, homeowners need to take soil, precipitation and light into consider when selecting plants and grass types.
  • Old Fashioned Hard Work – Simple, hard work can go a long way, especially when maintaining a yard. For people that don’t have the time to maintain a yard, All States Landscaping offers Salt Lake City landscaping services, including short- and long-term maintenance.

Whether it’s a Utah retaining wall, Utah shrubs, a Utah waterfall or creating an elaborate landscaping plan, All States Landscaping is up to the challenge. Their professional experts stay up-to-date on the latest landscaping trends.