Landscaping Ideas for a Welcoming Front Yard

You always hear how important curb appeal is when selling a house, but it’s equally important any other time. Guests and passerby alike will get first impressions based on your front yard. There are plenty of ways you can fix up your home for more curb appeal – bright front door, new house numbers, decorative mailbox – but the front yard itself is often overlooked. A welcoming front yard requires more than just lush grass and a flawless pathway.

It’s really important that you plan a front yard to have a pleasing appearance. Use colors, lines, and textures that you find interesting. When you design your front yard with your own interests in mind, a unique and interesting landscape will be the result. A cookie cutter front yard is always a safe way to go, but is often impersonal and can almost disappear in a neighborhood. Also try to incorporate a focal point to base your Utah landscaping around.

It’s essential that Utah yard landscaping is designed with your home in mind. Coordinating the styles and colors will really unify the entire view. On the other hand, contrasting colors are sometimes preferable. For example, mulch will make landscaping features pop when they’re in a contrasting color. To incorporate contrasting elements more cohesively, use one or two accents throughout your landscape. Repeating one plant throughout your landscape will allow you to incorporate many other plants and colors without looking like a jumbled mess.

If you can’t tell where one landscaping feature ends and another begins, your guests can’t either. The most important comfort for the front yard is a clearly defined and stable pathway so that guests don’t trip. More often than not, some well placed Utah pavers are sufficient. You may also want to incorporate some lighting on the pathway’s border if it’s often used at night. Even the most well thought out landscaping won’t be welcoming if it gets the wild look of an unmaintained yard.

There are so many aspects to creating the perfect front yard, but you can use a few general rules to guide you through the planning process. Perhaps the most important point is beauty in your front yard. But coordinating with your current structures can be just as essential. You also need to think about making your front yard practical and comfortable. Utah landscaping companies thrive because there are so many aspects to tend to.