Landscaping Ideas for Small Spaces

Gardens are a breath of fresh air, pockets of beauty where we can sit, relax and unwind. But what if you don’t have a lot of space to work with? It can be a challenge, but Utah landscaping for small gardens can still be doable, with a little planning and creativity. Of course, the help of a Salt Lake City landscaping company can do a lot.

So if you have a small lot with which you want to work with, don’t worry. Here are a few ideas you can consider:

Build or climb up. If horizontal space is lacking, then it is time to go vertical. By building up, you can increase the number of plants and garden ornaments per square inch. Build steps in the walls or create raised areas where you can place plants, flowers and even vegetables. Runners and trellises where your greens can grow vertically can make use of the space available to you. You can also utilize metal or wooden planters, as well as hanging baskets.

Use varying heights and scale, along with small plants. Since space is limited, you can choose smaller plant varieties. Smaller Utah shrubs and delicate flowers enable you to add more of these plants. You can also use smaller decorative elements such as a small waterfall, pond or garden statues. However, to add more interest, vary the heights by including large plants, where applicable. To create an illusion of depth, place the tallest plants in the back and the shortest plants at the front. Also, some spiller plants strategically placed in front will help maintain the illusion of spaciousness.

Choose the right plants. Since the number of plants you can include in your garden is limited, you might as well go for plants that have “character” and interest. For more impact, choose plants that have eye-catching flowers, leaves or bark, as well as plants that have a long bloom time for maximum interest. Some suggestions include hydrangeas, lavender, firewitch and heaven’s gate. Another important thing to remember is that the plants you choose only have moderate growth so as not to overcrowd your garden in the future. Ask a Utah landscaping expert about how the plants will look like when they are mature so that you ensure that they don’t grow too big for your small garden.

Play with colors. Combine cool and warm colors, not just in your plants, but also your planters or containers. Arrange the plants and planters with warm (deep/dark) colors at the back and cool (white or bright) colors in front to give an illusion of depth. Paint the walls white or another light color to make the space look wider.

Create many focal points. Instead of just one or two focal points placed at the center, go for more but smaller focal points that attract the eye can make the small garden a source of visual delight. These focal points may be garden furniture or accessories like a garden bench, garden statues, a small walkway or a fountain. Since you are unable to present one major focal point, make do with tiny attractions which in itself becomes a point of interest. Visitors can spend time discovering visual treats.

Add a small water feature. Waterfalls or ponds make a big difference by drawing the attention away from the limited space. The movement of the water or the way light plays with its surface draws the eye to it, rather than in the space available. Water also naturally has a soothing effect that can make your garden more appealing.

Use quality landscaping materials. Since you will only need a limited amount of materials, splurge on high quality plants, accessories and landscaping rocks in Utah. Ask your landscaper about quality stones, ceramics and paving materials.