Landscaping Ideas for a Backyard Escape

As cable prices rise and the days get nicer, many people are taking to their backyards to unwind. But how can you make your backyard into an escape from the stresses of life? Landscaping in Utah can be a demanding process. The key is to really consider how the space will be used. Relaxation, little luxuries, and privacy are all essential in creating the best backyard space for you and your family.

It’s really crucial that your backyard escape is a place where you can put the daily grind of life out of your mind. Many people will have trouble relaxing in an area that is cluttered or unmaintained. There are a few options for maintenance if you don’t have the time for it yourself. The easiest is to simply hire a Salt Lake City landscaping company. A more popular choice is to design your landscape around low maintenance features. A more extreme way to avoid landscaping maintenance is with desert landscaping, which can consist of hardscaping features, sand, rock, succulents, and more.

It’s important to think about what would make the space special to you and your family. A common and simple luxury of the backyard escape is al fresco dining. The fresh air and unique surroundings make an outdoor dining area really enjoyable. You can expand on this idea with an outdoor kitchen too. An outdoor kitchen will also keep your house nice and cool during hot summer days. One very unique and luxurious backyard amenity – whether you have a pool or not – is an outdoor shower. Another little backyard luxury is a fire pit. In recent years, full fledged outdoor fireplace have even become popular; they’re very dramatic and can even provide some privacy.

In order to be truly comfortable you’ll likely need a little privacy. There are many ways that you can create privacy in the backyard without a boring fence. Trellises with vining plants are a really beautiful and natural way to create privacy. Rock walls are just as natural-looking, but longer lasting. Utah shrubs or hedges are one of the more popular techniques for privacy in a yard. Just be careful because they will quickly become eyesores without proper maintenance. Trees are an easier way to create some privacy than shrubs, but can take considerable time to mature and require a lot more space.

The landscaping UT of a backyard is an essential aspect of making that space enjoyable. You wouldn’t be comfortable in a home without decorations, furniture, and comforts and the same goes for your backyard. So when creating your dream backyard, keep relaxation, luxuries, and privacy in mind.