Landscaping Possible Features and Their Usage

Utah landscaping can be as simple as a new shrubbery or something as complicated as a water feature with an overlooking gazebo. Before adding anything in terms of landscaping, a game plan is needed, what you would like to do and what it will look like. There are several reasons for this, the first allows you to get your ideas out and down on paper which is critical to being able to review them, adjust them and decide what materials you will need. The next is that you will have a drawing of what you want your yard to look like and whether or not it will work. For example, if you have a 4200sqft home on .48 of an acre, putting a gazebo and Utah waterfall in your back yard will more than likely not work. The yard will be too small and the landscape with look forced in and ill fitting. The third, and in my opinion the most important reason, is that once you get your ideas down on paper, you might look at your idea and decide that your house might look better with a simple Utah retaining wall, pavers and a colorful selection of plants.

As complicated as landscaping can become, it can also be very simple. The trick is knowing what will work in the space you have and not overcrowd the view. This is where professional landscaping companies such as All States Landscaping come into play. There are a variety of different options for landscaping such as:

  • Retaining walls: a retaining wall in the past was used to prevent soil erosion along the sides of creeks and rivers. Later it was used by Dept. of Transportation to help stop erosion along the sides of roads. Today retaining walls are an important part of landscape design. These walls allow homeowners with a steep sloped yard to reclaim lost space by building and supporting terraces. A retaining wall can be used to frame in a water feature or to encircle trees to create a space to plant flowers. The options and uses of retaining walls are only limited by two things, physics and imagination.
  • Gazebos & decks: both the gazebo and deck require the space to be properly implemented. However, structures can truly bring together a landscape design when properly used. A large yard with a gazebo set back from the house that overlooks a medium sized water feature offers you a place to go, relax and recharge from the daily grind. Additionally properly designed features such as decks and gazebos should blend in with the design of the home and compliment the overall property.
  • Decorative rocks: how decorative rocks are used is very much dependent upon the landscape design. Not all designs require colored stones for accent or used as walkways. You may opt to use a low rise retaining wall in order to place plants along your walk and the use of larger decorative rocks may be more appropriate to your design.
  • Water features: perhaps the most involved of all landscape features. Water features are built in regards to their environment, what works best in the size that it is going to be in. A small Koi pond with a simple waterfall may work better than a large pond with multiple waterfalls. Additionally if you live in a drought prone area or have water restrictions you would want to avoid water features and maybe focus more on regional design options such as drought resistant plants.

Each one of these items changes the Utah yard significantly and fills a space differently. Additionally landscape features will also change the overall feel of a property so it is important that the design fits the property. As mentioned earlier companies such as All States Landscaping, which provides landscaping to the Salt Lake City, UT area works with clients in the selection of features, design of the landscape plan and implementation of the design. It is important to make sure you have a qualified and reputable business doing significant work such as landscaping your property. You want your choice of companies to have experience, an excellent track record and above all a substantial portfolio of the work they have done.

For 26 years All States Landscaping has been providing the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas of Utah quality landscaping services. With services in landscape design, implementation and maintenance All States Landscaping is able to provide you with your landscaping needs. As a member of Utah Nursery and Landscaping Association (UNLA), Utah Apartment Association (UAA) and awarded the Select Contractor standing through Rain Bird for meeting the industry’s highest standards for quality, standards and experience, All States Landscaping is ready to answer your Salt Lake City landscaping questions or to begin working with you today!

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