Landscaping Dos and Don’ts

Landscaping is an art. It can also grow into a passion as you see your garden and backyard transforming into things of beauty. However, there are some things to note when you launch the project of adding some curb appeal to your home by way of your landscape. There are some dos and don’ts that will help make your project a success.

  • Do know what you want. What look are you going for? What atmosphere do you like your landscape to exude? Take a look at the different gardens that appeal to you and try to conceive the kind of garden you want. This will help narrow down the planning and selection process. Better yet, you can consult the Utah best landscaping company for tips and suggestions. You can also take a look at the portfolio of All States Landscaping to help find the kind of garden that you want.
  • Don’t include all the plants and flowers you want. Each of us has flowers that are our personal favorites. However, some of our choices may not fit with the overall look of the garden. If we try to include all the flowers that we want, the usual result would be a not-so-attractive mess. Choose the flowers that fit your theme.
  • Do have a plan. A plan will help you consider a lot of factors – the lay of the land, the available sunlight, the climate, the need for drainage and irrigation, as well as ensuring the right colors, scents, texture and plant combinations. A plan will also help you determine and keep track of your budget. What’s more, a plan can help you visualize not just short-term projects, but also long-term ones. It will help you spot and correct problem areas and make early preparations for future major projects. For instance, you can already earmark a certain area for a deck or a pool which you are thinking to add later.

When making a plan, consider:

– Your house. What is the overall look of your house? How will the garden complement this? How high is your house? Is adding tall trees a good idea?
– Your family. Do you have kids and pets? Will they also have the space they need to play? Are they allergic to certain flowers?
– Your budget. How much can you earmark for this project? These projects take time and depending on your plan, a considerable budget. It will only end in disappointment if you start your landscape project and then stop midway due to lack of budget or time.

  • Don’t forget to plan for mature plants. At the onset, your plants may look small but be sure of their actual size when they mature. This way, your house won’t look dwarfed or out of proportion beside a humongous tree.
  • Do use quality and appropriate plants. Even if some plants and accessories are more expensive, they may also be more hardy and long-lasting. Also, plants should be chosen based on your particular climate.
  • Don’t forget the need for maintenance. Will you have the time and inclination to ensure that your landscape is properly maintained? Will you have access to maintenance tools? Remember, you will have to mow the lawn, trim the shrubs and trees and mulch. You can also avail of the maintenance services of Utah landscaping companies.
  • Do match plants with the same needs. It is more energy and water efficient to combine plants with the same needs, when it comes to light and water requirements. Or, if you really need to combine plants with varied needs, do so when one plant will help support the other. For instance, you can add a tall tree to provide shade to light-sensitive shrubs.
  • Don’t go at it alone. Landscaping may require you to install Utah retaining walls, pavers and water features. If this is not your forte, it is best to ask for help from experts, such as Utah landscaping specialists. These experts can provide a landscaping plan and can implement the plan to your satisfaction. These SLC landscaping artists also have a good sense of design, an extensive knowledge of the quality of plants and how these plants and other garden elements such as arbors and ponds can be properly installed.