Landscaping Affects Home Curb Appeal

Your landscaping is not only gorgeous to look at but adds value to you home. The right landscaping for burb appeal helps home buyers picture themselves in the home. They look for functionality and resale value rather than frills.

Landscaping can add up to 28% to the value of a house and cut the time on the market by up to 15%.

Add the essentials to your home.

Trees, They save energy, reduce carbon dioxide, and block water runoff. As well as provide shade and beautify to your yard.

Native plants, when adding plants, trees and shrubs your best best is to go with indigenous plants, they thrive with no extra effort on your part.

Outdoor lighting, is the most wanted feature. Lights, paint your house at night, protects against falls and makes you less of a target for intruders as well as making your home feel “warmer” and more inviting.

Adding a few things to your home and boost your homes curb appeal. Even if you’re not selling these little additions make the landscaping spectacular.