It’s Time for Spring Cleanups

A spring cleanup prepares your property for summer. Your landscape can quickly get out of hand if you ignore the initial maintenance for spring.

What a spring cleanup should include all perennials need to be trimmed, most to the base. Removing any weeds you see is essential. This is also the time to prune all of the trees and shrubs. Removing any dead branches help the plant flourish in the coming months.

Raking all of the beds will remove debris that was collected over the winter. Disposing of this properly prevents the spread of disease.

Edging prevents the lawn from growing into the mulch, and helps create a clear definition between your lawn and landscape. After edging your property will have a well maintained look.

Adding new mulch will help minimize weeds, help keep moisture in the soil and regulate temperature as well as add a polished look to your landscape.

Now is the perfect time to start planting plants this will give the plant time to adjust to their new homes before the heat.

Spring Cleanup flowers


You can get some spring color by adding

some pansies and mums. We can help with this if you don’t want to take on the task of spring cleanup yourself!

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