Why it’s a Good Idea to Get Input from a Landscape Designer

So you watch a program about rice terraces in the mountains of China, and marvel at the beauty and genius of the step-like constructions.  You look out your back window at that steep backyard slope that always makes the rain run down and settle into a muddy pool at the bottom.  You can see a terrace garden on that slope full of your favorite plants and maybe some kind of irrigation system – but how? Or maybe you were looking through a magazine and were inspired by the traditional rock garden techniques of Japanese Zen Buddhists.  Where would you even start to install a rock garden design like those you saw in the magazine?  There are so many options in Utah landscaping design, whether you want something simple and functional for a family house or an elaborate and stately appearance.  Along with those many options come many factors to consider.  It is always great and satisfying when you can tackle a project all on your own, but it gets more complicated when you are dealing with the logistics of natural elements.  If you do not have the knowledge about techniques and tools to use, nor do you understand the soil, and the science of irrigation, nor which plant life work most harmoniously together, you might be getting yourself into a fix.  With any new landscape design, it is best to consult a professional.

Utah landscaping companies have professionals on staff that have had years of experience. Not only are they trained and skilled in landscaping design but they also have hands-on experience with actual designing and a broad base of industry knowledge, techniques, tricks of the trade, and trends.  It is a landscaper’s job to figure out how to manifest a customer’s vision using his knowledge as a measure of reasonability.  He may advise and suggest for or against something you have in mind, based on considerations from his expertise, but ultimately his job is to strive to make you fully satisfied and happy.

Without all of this expertise, you may end up making choices you are not satisfied with.  In the long run you may sacrifice quality and end up spending more money fixing costly problems.  Common mistakes that do-it-yourself landscapers make are often based on a lack of foresight and not enough pre-planning or research.  It is important to think about how your landscape design will wear through the years and the seasons.  Maybe you’ve planted lovely shrubs beneath the wide, low windows of your living room, attracted to them for their pretty blossoms and their hardiness but neglected to consider the growth behaviors of the plant.  After a year or so, you notice that the shrubs need constant pruning if you are to see out of your windows.  What you did not know is that that particular variety would shoot several feet a year, and after a while would require high maintenance.

A landscape designer, on the other hand, would have the professional expertise to consider all of those factors, and supply you a choice list of lovely shrubs that have slow growth or that generally remain at a low height.  An example mistake like this one will cost you time, energy and money in the long run trying to maintain those out-of-control shrubs!  Another example is perhaps planting Fruitless Mulberry tree in a lovely area of your front yard.  Having done the research, you selected this tree for its purported easy maintenance and adaptability, fast growth, ornamental beauty and the wonderful and romantic shade you will get from its weeping branches.  What you did not think to check however is that this beautiful tree has a shallow root system and the location you selected to put it is right near a pipe main.  Given that roots tend towards where there is water, this tree’s roots will find its way into the sewer pipes and before you know it, you are spending plenty of dollars on the cost of pipe damage.  A Utah landscaping designer could help you find a tree that is easy to maintain, fast-growing, provides excellent shade and has ornamental beauty – but – he will also consider the location of the underground piping system and home infrastructure as well as the root behavior of the tree species.  His expertise will save you tons of time and energy that you would otherwise spend trying to do the research yourself without overlooking the small, but important, details.

The truth of the matter is that without very thorough research, there may be a number of things you will typically overlook or neglect to consider.  There are ideas, facts, and resources that a Utah landscaping company brings to the table that you can only appreciate.  The added comfort of having someone to call on with questions, concerns or problems is a satisfying advantage.  All States Landscaping can help you with all your design plans for landscaping in Utah transforming the space you live, work or play in and keeping a smile on your face.

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