Ideas for Landscaping

It can be difficult to come up with unique and interesting ideas to add to your landscape. With so many options, it’s easy to to become indecisive. Here are some things to consider for when your coming up with ideas.

1. Plants – A landscape just isn’t a landscape without plants. Almost every design needs to incorporate at least a few. Consider the climate you live in, or the theme of the design itself. Make sure your plants compliment your other design elements, because they are an integral part of the design.

2. Rocks – ┬áRocks come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. From boulders to gravel, there is a large variety that can be hard to choose from. Consider what colors would compliment the other features in your design. Size and shape should be changed to fit within the space you have to work with. Large boulders can overcrowd small areas.

More practical concerns:

1. Energy Efficiency – The amount of energy your landscape requires is very important. If you live in a dry climate with water restrictions, consider adding features that don’t require constant watering. Certain landscapes can provide shade and a cool environment for you or your family. Which can in turn save on cooling costs.

2. Environmentally friendly – It’s important that your landscape supports a well balanced ecosystem for your property. Not only to native plants and animals, but to the trees and plants that you have added yourself.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ideas or designs for your next landscaping project. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced landscape designers for information and help to get you on your way.