Doing it Yourself VS Hiring a Landscaping Service

When it comes to landscaping, some people want to do everything.  They may have a whole bunch of ideas for planting their favorite trees, shrubs and flowering plants when they start out.  The problem with this is that each item they plant requires maintenance.  This means a person may wind up with quite a bit of landscaping maintenance needs.

Once a homeowner has toiled under the hot sun planting their beautiful trees and flowers, it’s time to decide whether they want to take care of it themselves or if they want to work with a landscaping service.  Usually this decision comes down to cost versus time. Do-it-yourself landscaping takes a great amount of time and work.  Here’s a little bit of what it will require.


This is a major part of taking care of your new plantings. They must get ample water, especially right at first.  If you forget to do this, then hundreds of dollars’ worth of plants could die. All your hard work will have been for nothing.  One way to simplify this process is to get a sprinkler system installed.  All States Landscaping Service can help homeowners with the installation of a quality sprinkling system.


Fertilizing a lawn or plants is another major job.  This isn’t necessarily a difficult task, but it’s difficult to do it correctly.  There are certain times of the year that are best for fertilizing.  Someone who doesn’t have much experience may find themselves a little overwhelmed.  It’s possible to do this alone, but it’s much easier with some help, as it can turn into an all-day job if you have a very big lawn area to fertilize.


Getting rid of weeds is one of the least exciting gardening activities.  Many people try to avoid this task as long as possible.  The problem with this is the longer it’s ignored the worse it gets.  Weeding needs to be done on a regular basis.  Some people choose to weed every week and some choose to get out there every other day to keep the weeds at bay.

One way to get rid of weeds on your lawn is to spray it.  All States Landscaping Service has several programs that will ensure your lawn is always healthy.  Applying weed killer to the lawn is often another one of those grueling tasks that turns into a lot of work. Homeowners often aren’t sure which weed killers to apply and when to do it. These are important points.

For those who have decided that they just don’t have enough time or expertise, All States Landscaping offers several different programs that will guarantee you to always have a beautiful, green lawn with no pests or weeds. You can have the best landscaping in Utah or just a mediocre lawn that takes too much of your valuable time. Call or email for our best prices.

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