How to Hire the Right Landscaping Service

Hiring the right landscaping service is an important decision.  Some services can be too expensive and some just don’t do a very good job. So how do you locate a landscaping service in Utah that will do excellent work and not over-charge you? It’s always best to do some research first and then meet with several prospects before signing any contracts.

Some homeowners just ask their neighbors who they use, especially if they like the way the neighbor’s yard looks. Finding a professional landscaping service that offers great prices can be challenging whichever way you do it. One thing to look for is experience. All States Landscaping has been in business for over ten years. They have a great reputation in the Salt Lake City area among homeowners because they do good work at a fair price.

Services Offered

Not all landscaping services are the same.  Some services only offer minimal help, such as mowing the lawn.  While this is convenient for many people, it often doesn’t provide a person with enough help to keep a beautiful lawn year round.

It’s a good idea to look at what types of services are offered.  Some only offer landscaping services, which include creating the layout of a yard and such.  Others may only offer landscaping maintenance services.  This isn’t bad if you’re just looking for landscaping services or just maintenance services.  All States Landscaping will do as much or as little as you want done. We know that every homeowner has different needs.

Landscaping & Maintenance

Choosing a landscaping service that offers landscaping and maintenance services is a good fit for many homeowners.  This way you can work with the same service to create your landscaping and maintain it.  You know you’ll be able to trust the service once you’ve built a solid relationship with them.

Some landscaping services, such as All States Landscaping, even offer snow removal services.  This means you can work with the service all year round.  You’ll be able to rely on them to take care of your lawn and property during the winter too. This is an added convenience for homeowners.


This is the last important thing to look for when choosing a landscaping service.  The price of a service is very important.  You need to know the service is worth what it’s charging, and you need to know that it fits your budget.  One way to find out the prices is to have a meeting with the service.  Another easy way is to request an estimate.  You can do this for free with All States Landscaping. It’s simple and efficient.

Gaining your business is not as important to the friendly folks at All States Landscaping as gaining your trust. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners over the years providing professional lawn care services that you can rely on at a fair price. Call or email for more information.